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catfrogs , 06 Sep 2012

Picking to a DANGEROUS degree :((

I am 38 and had a major skin picking session the other night that lasted hours. I am a skin picker and usually don't last that long, but I have triggers. I hadn't slept for almost two nights because of new medication (!) and just. couldn't. stop!! Now I can't go to my grad school classes at all (and we're only allowed ONE miss per class!) it is so bad that the scabs are white. The sores hurt horribly, they are so deep. I have never done it this badly (think like that one episode of CSI Las Vegas where the model was a face picker), and I knew sleep deprivation could cause it but there was nothing I could do! I've gone off the medication but now it doesn't matter. This is awful... I have to work at my internship on Saturday and I can't bow out so it will be tough explaining. I've noticed a few posts here on what to use for healing - I can't use your usual topical antibiotics because I am allergic to them but can anyone recommend anything else? I've suffered from staff infections before and they recommended a bleach bath (just a small capful of bleach to a bath of water) to treat, so I did that this morning. I'm house-bound in a horrible way right now. :o( An awful by-product of this disorder. Also, has anyone had any success with specific SSRI's? Regardless, the pain is horrible but the shame is worse. Sigh.
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September 06, 2012
Catfrogs, I wouldnt suggest a bleach bath! I have sensitive skin so that would just dry it out and make it worse! Bleach is NOT good for your skin, in any way shape or form, Especially if its on open wounds!, Please be seriously careful if you are going to do that. My suggestion, See your doctor!, I have had staff infections on my face and legs, your doctor will be able to prescribe you anti biotics that you are not allergic to AND give you cream to put on as well! Like any healing process its going to take a few days to start working, But in the long run its going to be much better, Not picking the white scabs is really difficult, I know, if you absolutely must, please make sure your hands are clean AND that you wash them straight afterwards, because if you continue to pick other spots after picking those your going to spread the infection, Obviously its better to not pick them, BUT i can understand how hard it can be! Book an appointment with your Doctor ASAP as thats the only way your going to get rid of this staff. I hope to hear that everything has gone well and I hope I have given you some assistance in the matter. Good Luck, Always here for support and encouragement :)
September 06, 2012

In reply to by Emmi

Thank you for your support, Emmi.. I want to go to a doctor but i just can't leave the house right now in the state I'm in. :o( It's been five days and I'm going out of my mind, but hoping for healing. For the most part I've managed to leave them alone but lack of human connection is starting to drive me crazy. At least much of my graduate work is stuff I can do online with my computer, so I'm alright there. Still, this is disgusting and embarrassing. I'm going to try for the doctor tomorrow. Unfortunately the med place is on campus so there would be a lot of 20-somethings who would just stare. I look like a Meth victim!
September 07, 2012

In reply to by catfrogs

I can understand not feeling comfortable enough the leave the house, I can tell you, seeing a doctor will do you the world of good, it did for me. most people arnt looking at your skin, I know I was so embarrased about it that I use to draw their attention to it by telling them I have them and it was nothing to worry about, 99% of the time they said they hadn't even noticed. Because we are aware of them and know they are there, we assume people see them too, but they dont, and those that love you, wont judge you, any one who does judge you, obviously doesnt know you, and there not worth your time.. so there opinion shouldnt affect you :) It takes alot of courage to go out into the world feeling the way you do, and I reckon you have more then enough courage. :) I can tell you, Im only 20, if anything I would be concerned and would hope that you are ok, I wouldnt Judge :)
September 06, 2012
I have done cold compresses (ice cubes in a bag). Use a paper towel as a barrier. Apply to the areas that feel sore, cold takes some pain away. Basically the best thing is to leave areas alone and not to touch. I know how hard it is and how you want them to heal right now. I have had almost the same, so I know...Be gentle when washing, no scrubbing. When scabs appear it won't be fun also, especially if spots are deep. Again, be careful when washing your face to prevent bleeding. I have problems with scabs always, that is why i am saying that. You will be OK!

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