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Tiffany31 , 05 Dec 2007

I pick every blemish

Hi my name is Tiffany. I am so ashamed of what I do to my body, I pick everything on my body from head 2 toe. I will repick once it has healed I now have scars all over. I use to keep it to were no one could see now I don't care. It hurts sooo bad but it feels soo good. I want to STOP!!!!!
6 Answers
December 07, 2007
Hi Tiffany, I can totally relate. I know how it feels to be ashamed of this problem. The most awful thing for me is that it's like there're two different sides inside me fighting with each other - the one that keeps picking, the other that hurts and cries for help. However I learned from experience that there's no simple way to stop - at least I haven't been able to stop using power of will. This kind of disorder manifests itself usually with some underlying reason. I'm sure that to be able to stop, you shall first understand why you're doing it. Without understading your disorder and the sources to it, I don't believe it's easy to just stop. I would suggest you to talk to a professional about your problem, and believe me when I say you don't have a reason to be so ashamed. Much more people share your problem with you than you think. The best of luck. Ann.
September 06, 2012

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Yes, I agree. There are a lot of people who suffer from csp. I would nener new this if not internet. Sadly, there are no doctors who specialize in this particular issue. I have changed several md's, done psychotherapy but the problem is still with me. I don't think it can go away for good once started but I want to believe there are ways to control it. Very good that people are able to communicate and share info nowdays. We need to try things and find what works and what doesn't. Let's keep in touch
September 07, 2012
A really good way of helping your scars is vitamin E moisturiser, seeing a doctor can really help, it could be for a wide range of reasons. Good luck with stopping. I know its hard, but You will get there :)
January 27, 2013
I have picked at scabs for as long as I can remember and since I became a teen, I have had acne. So I pick at that. Even when there's barely anything there, if there is an imperfection as small as it can be, I'll pick it. I also sometimes pick and I don't realize until it hits a nerve. I use makeup to coverup my acne scars and wear long pants when I have a scab. And when I'm stressed I pick at my forehead. My mom tells me every single time to stop picking but when she leaves, I just go at it again. Do I have dermatillomania?
September 28, 2013
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