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Jamie , 17 Oct 2012

First time posting anything about my problem

So this is my first post ever about my skin picking. I have read tons and tons over the years and can relate to almost all of them. I have been picking my skin (face,back,chest) for almost ten years now and it's only gotten worse with time. I literally will spend hours a day picking every tiny imperfection on my face to the point of scabbing. I have very fair and sensitive skin and sometimes my picking leads to bad infections that spread. This has affected every part of my life in a big way. I've bailed in plans with friends to the point where they just don't ask anymore, I've missed so many days of work I fear I might lose my job and I spend entire days lying in bed unable to face anyone else in my household. I've tried medication, counseling and have been on acne medication since the 8th grade. I'm starting to believe that I will never truly get rid of this problem or my acne. :-( I hope that maybe finally posting something will give me hope again.
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October 17, 2012
How about I give us both a pat on the back for "coming out" with this and doing our first posts! I can relate to you very well as this is consuming my life too:(
October 17, 2012

In reply to by Marmocet

Thank you for the pat on the back and also being first to comment!It's really nice being able to talk with others about This. None of my family or friends really understand what it like so it's hard to talk to them about it.
October 18, 2012

In reply to by Jamie

I know what you mean! No one I've talked to understands (my husband and his mother) My husband has known about this for years and he and myself thought it was just a bad habit although I've always felt like it is way more than just a bad habit! I tried talking to my mother in law about it and I felt like a complete freak because she just doesn't understand. In the past my husband has told me to "just stop" because he doesn't understand. He knows that its not what he thought it was before and he knows now after my research and it is much more than a "bad habit" I feel like he understands a little more now and that kind of helps. But now that I know that there are millions of people going thought this, I feel a little more hope than I did before. I really appreciate all of you "coming out" with this, it has given me the courage to "come out" too.
October 19, 2012

In reply to by CammyZ

I'm glad your husband is more understanding now. I know how importand it is to have loved ones there for you. I recently showed my mother this site and I think it really helped her gain perspective and finally realize that this is a serious problem that many people have. Thank you for sharing I really appreciate it.
October 17, 2012
Glad you shared, it takes a lot of inner strength to do so. Never lose hope. It can be done, we know it can, because others have done it. Therefore you too can do it. (Easier said than done, I know, but that doesn't make that statement any less true.) We're stronger than we'd like to believe sometimes. I've had my share of failed attempts as well but we have to just keep getting back up on the horse. The view is better from up there anyway. "There will always be hope, wherever you are, until you yourself abandon it. Never forget that" -Lost Odyssey

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