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veruca pepper , 01 May 2013

Help!!!!!!!!! :( Ugly deep weeping crater

I have just found this forum not realizing that my chronic acne scarring has been caused by a LOT of skin picking over the years. Six days ago I was hormonal and decided to pick at an old deep seated pimple that I have had for years near my chin that I SWORE I would never pick at again. Anyway I put some lactic acid on a cotton bud and burnt myself a huge wound as it seeped under the skin. Now I have a massive weeping crater which shows no signs of healing (have tried rosehip oil, calamine lotion, cortisone cream, aloe vera - nothing is helping and I am soooo depressed. I work as a hairdresser and have to be in close personal contact with people all day and I tried leaving it for a few days without makeup but after seeing myself in the mirror over and over I was crying and getting more down as it was all white. I see people looking at it but saying nothing. This is after six days! So today I covered it up with masses of makeup and it turned into a big cakey ugly mess. I now just have the oil on it again as I write this. I picked it twice one day after it scabbed and it just will not heal now. The worse part is over all my other pock marks it just looks so much uglier. And to top it off - The bastard of a pimple is STILL there in the middle of the crater - as ugly and deep seated as it was before. Can anyone help me here with a suggestion as to what to try? I guess it maybe just a time thing? So depressing.
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May 01, 2013
Hi there! I did something similar to you previously, but used tea tree oil which left me with a giant wound on my forehead. I would recommend treating your skin very gently by using a mild cleanser, light non clogging make-up (I use Physicians Formula) and then put Neosporin on it at night. You'll notice in 3 or 4 days that it will have healed signicantly. In the meantime, be kind to yourself and know that we skin pickers are likely the worst critics of our skin. Most people, probably don't even notice! Take care. xxx
veruca pepper
May 02, 2013
Thanks for that. What is neosporin? I live in Australia and havent heard of it here. If it is an antibiotic ointment I would have to go to doctor to get script. This morning it looks like a dried out crater. Yuk. More scars. Picked it way too soon. :-(
May 02, 2013

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Neosporin is an ointment that you can purchase at the drug store (no prescription required). I live in Canada and it is a common antibiotic ointment. See this website: I am always concerned about infections and this product kills bacteria and speeds healing. Keep your head up. Remember, this is only temporary and will heal soon. :)
veruca pepper
May 03, 2013

In reply to by MysteriousSunshine

Thanks for that! I have aloe vera gel on it at the moment. It is getting worse - I think it may be infected. I keep checking it all the time in the mirror, drives me nuts! I will try to get the equivalent of the neosporin tomorrow at the chemist. Yes I hope it does heal soon. I have scar tissue from old acne scars where the wound is and I think this slowing down the whole process.

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