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Solidad , 04 May 2013


I am a 35 year old female who deals with acne and has had this picking problem since I hit puberty. It began as a way to get rid of the pimples that girls would bug me about...humiliate me with in school. But it evolved into a constant battle against my face. Like many of you....I've used every implement....missed every important event...and indeed angered many friends and family members by constant abscences. I had no idea that so many others struggled so terribly as I did before searching the net. I just wanted to say how wonderful it is that all if you attempt to support each other through this site..without judgement and with love. Those who do not struggle with such an issue often do not understand the pain and shame, but with collectives such as this comes support, knowledge and I hope understanding. It is most certainly a blessing to me to come here in moments where I am scared and hopeless and I hope that others do feel the same. We are all beautiful in many ways, regardless of our struggles or addictions. Keep strong and keep talking. Love to all
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May 05, 2013
I can so relate to that. Except I'm a 15 year old girl. I pick at any imperfection I can find. I hate my skin. I constantly avoid going out places because of my skin.I have to wear long sleeve shirts and pants even in summer just to hide my scars. I cry often about it. I'm so happy I'm not alone. I used to think I was alone and it was just a constant habit of mine but know I know I have Dermatillomania. I have reduced picking now. I will try my best to stop but its just so hard for me to do so. Good luck, and remember don't let your skin control you, you have to control you own skin because your skin is a part of you.
May 05, 2013

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I'm glad you find encouragement by finding sites such as this and knowing that you are indeed not alone. You are so young...but afflictions do not discriminate based on age, color, creed, etc. You know....if I could go back in time and help my 15 year old self...what would I say? I'd say that you are never alone...and to not be ashamed...but find someone to talk to. A counsellor perhaps, as this problem can totally cause you to alienate those who love you and add so much to your loneliness. Even today, there is much more tolerance and support than their was when I was 15. God, I'm not even sure the Internet existed when I was 15! Lol. So, I would tell you to find support, even share with a close, loving friend. I did share some of my problem with friends, but it didn't have a diagnosis I just thought i was alone and crazy. And I had gorgeous girlfriends, but they also loved me for me, so i was lucky in that respect. there is so much support and information out there if you seek it out. I am a University Psychology graduate...and have struggled with depression since your age. It is very prevalent in my family and I've spent a lifetime helping myself, family and friends to understand and support each other. Honestly, the best advice I can give is to talk, share and learn. You are still very young, and have a lifetime of fun and love ahead. It is so nice of you to encourage a stranger, like me, as well. Thank you. Thank you for sharing and I send all of my strength to you in your journey.

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