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Breathitout , 13 Jan 2014

Caveman Regimen anyone?

So, i don't know if any of you all have ever heard about a "new" skin care routine called the Caveman, which consists in doing nothing. You don't wash your face for at least a month, so the acid mantle that you skin once had (and you ruined by washing and exfoliating on a daily basis) comes back and does it job, which consists in protecting you against bacteria. I know it sounds discusting and everything, but many people say it works. The thing is, they are all acne sufferers, and I think some pickers don't even have bad acne. I've attempted to try this twice, but I've never made it to 4 weeks because since you don't wash your face, you get some clogged pores, WHICH ARE ABSOLUTLY FINE except for us pickers, so i ended up gently picking at them, which was lame. I have to say, my face had improved SO MUCH. It healed on its own, and the scars faded so much, they sorta blended in better. No new pimples for a whole week. The thing is you are supposed to let go, try not to obsess over your skin and let it do its job. What happens is that you get REALLY flaky skin all over your face, which you are supposed to leave alone. This is the hardest part. And after that month, you gently wash your face with water to remove the dead cells and you get glowing skin. That's the theory. There are people who do the lighter version of the Caveman, which is washing only with water, but this hasn't worked for me so well because my face would get really dry. I just have to say that if you have an acne problem or scar problem or your face is really congested or fragile, you may wanna give this a try. Look it up first because i don't know if i explained it well enough. If anyone has ever tried this please please let me know. I am starting again today, and see if I can make it for more than a week. That means 1 week of no picking, but i'm just to curious to see if it works and honestly, the theory makes SO MUCH SENSE. Let the skin balance, less pimples, less scars.. maybe less picking? If you are interested, there's a website (thelovevitamin) where it is well explained and tested. Any feedback would be great :)
9 Answers
January 13, 2014
Since i have some marks from my picking session i'm going to put moisturizer and then some concealer and not take it off. and tomorrow i'll just put some more on if i need to, and i'll keep putting it but not washing it. this is something that i always thought would be terrible, but it really seems like not washing my face helps a lot so let's see if this time i can be patient and not wash and hurt my skin. and if this caveman thing doesn't work then i can always go back to where i was. i just need to be patient. i'll update sometime during the process.
January 15, 2014

In reply to by Breathitout

I just wanted to let you know that the caveman regimen means you wouldn't put anything on your face: moisturizer, makeup, face wash, anything! So, if you put moisturizer or makeup on, you shouldn't leave it! Take it all off and then do the caveman regimen!
January 15, 2014

In reply to by Trying-to-Look…

yes, i know but i also read that some people don't give up the concealer because it's just small dabs and it seems to wear of in a short time, and since i had some redness i needed to put that on, otherwise i get anxious about it. my concealer isn't waterproof so it has been gone a while now, and by moisturizer i meant jojoba oil which i don't think can damage at all if you don't wash after. Oh and i've heard of a girl who did the caveman with makeup. She would just put full make up on top of what was left from the previous day and it seemed to work fine for her but i don't know, i don't like that idea as much haha. Now i have nothing on my face. Have you tried it? :)
January 14, 2014
I have not tried this, but I would believe it. When I wash less, it's not so dry and flaky!
January 15, 2014
I have not heard of this but it sounds interesting. I know that washing my face is a big 'picking trigger' for me. I absolutely HATE washing my face so this might be something to try. Thanks for the information!
November 01, 2014

I've been doing the caveman regimen for the past month or so and i gotta say it made the best difference for my skin. I've come to the conclusion, with the help of some wise skin gurus, that all the washing was in fact causing the cystic acne to develop on my face. Before caveman I was using every single kind of skin treatment: Bp, SA, retinoids, clyndamicyn(antibiotic) minocyclin(oral antibiotic) and even chemical peels, all of which were doing my skin a lot of harm. I believe the introduction of all that crap changed the structure of my skin into an acne machine, so to speak. Ever since starting caveman, my closed comedones seemed to have smoothed out, and the tone of my skin is slowly but surly going from that disgusting red/white blotchy tone to that of my normal skin tone. I believe for a fact the skin wasn't meant for everyday washing. And my active pimples have stopped sprouting up for the most part :)

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