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inthecloset , 22 Feb 2009

Picking feels like being good to myself

When I find an edge that needs smoothing, a scab that I've let get almost healed, a place that's too rough inside my nose, I'm overcome by a feeling that I NEED to take care of it, and that removing it is a way to take care of myself. I've also noticed afterward, the brief euphoric feeling that comes with endorphins. Perhaps that self-medicated effect is part of what makes me associate picking with producing a sense of well-being, albeit a short-lived effect. Sometimes, if I notice the urge in time, I take a moment to notice my feelings of anxiety and just sit there with them. If the urge keeps building, then I'll look for another way to ACTUALLY take care of myself. Put some comfrey salve or natural beeswax cream on the place, and then relax for a moment. Sometimes I can relax enough to simulate the endorphin feeling.
5 Answers
February 26, 2009
i agree, i think wat u feel is common amongst us "pickers". try boxing or running for the rush. also somebody i know told me smoking helps him pick less. I don't smoke personally, mostly cuz my gf would kill me, but its worth a try.
February 28, 2009

In reply to by bb91

not to put down your advice but if you dont smoke dont pick it up! it is absolutely deadly and once youre addicted which happens very quickly its extremely difficult to quit.. you will just wind up with two unhealthy problems you will have to struggle to get rid of...
March 09, 2009
I can relate to your feeling. It is almost like a drug, its like an urge and then why I completely pull the scab off, it gives almost like an orgasm a sense of pleasure, satisfaction and relief. I don't know how in the world to ever stop.
March 09, 2009

In reply to by wiccanprincess35

I can gets my feelings for picking when I do feel good. It's weird that I always feel good when I'm done picking. Did you ever felt that way? I do felt that all the times when I starting picking but even worse, it's hurt like a hole in it ouch! I find it very smooth skin on my legs & arms but I sitll have scarred on a white spots & sometimes pinkish spots. My back was way worse cuz it didn't even cover up so I always puts the cream on before I goes to bed at night. I hope i can do is quit picking for a fews months or not cause the summer coming up soon so I will be able to swimming to release pickings on my skins so it's good for the summer. My whole family didn't see my legs or my arms due the pickings. They never know what I'm hiding from and still keeping my "dark secrets" for a long time since I was a child. It's helps me to get in the bathtub to makes me feel better when I'm not picking or staring picking to get rid of it. I'm sure you all have the same feelings over the picking sessions.
March 09, 2009
I get the same feeling. It feels good. It feels great actually knowing it's gone. Especially the crustier ones.

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