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tabbycats , 09 Jul 2014

open sores on face

Hi I have just been reading quickly through forum, I see that Calamine lotion is suggested as something that will help heal. I have picked at my skin on face so much that it doesn't get the chance to heal. As soon as it forms a scab, i can't stop picking at it. I now have several open sores on my skin. I have just had a mud mask on which stung but dried it out a little. I feel so ashamed, when it is this bad I cancel everything and don't leave the house. Can anyone confirm that it is ok to put calamine on skin that is broken? Thanks Tabby
3 Answers
July 11, 2014
HI there! I can totally relate to what you're dealing with (sigh). Just know that it WILL get better! I find that the calamine lotion works well for pimples that are forming or healing...but, I don't believe that you should use it on open, weeping wounds. The instructions on the bottle may indicate this too. I recommend using Neosporin ointment. This has an antibiotic in it to prevent infection and will also keep the area moist to speed up the healing process. Good luck! :)
July 11, 2014

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Tabbycats Thank you for that, I haven't heard of Neosporin, I will try and see if I can get it. ABout it getting better, I am 41 and have been doing this since a teenager so I am not so hopeful about things changing. thank you for your comments x
July 16, 2014

In reply to by tabbycats

Hi Tabbycats! Where are you located? I am in Canada and Neosporin is available at various drug stores and Walmart. It's about $7-$10. It really does seem to speed healing and I like the fact that it contains an antibiotic. You and I are similar in age. I am 43 and have probably been picking my skin for 20 years! Terrible to be still struggling with this, but DON'T GIVE UP! I find that my picking goes in phases. It can be fine for a while and then I'll have a horrible episode that requires lengthy healing. Very frustrating! Over the years, I have learned to forgive myself when this happens. As well, one of my biggest fears occurred in January. I had surgery which required hospitalization for 5 days. Of course, I was concerned about how people would view my scarring! So stupid as I was in for major surgery! Duh. I brought along make-up, but was physically unable to apply it and went the entire 5 days without it...and actually didn't care. This experience changed me, but I can't say that I've stopped picking because I haven't. But, I have realized that in the grand scheme of things the picking is really insignificant. Just be kind to yourself and work towards the goal of being free from picking! Good luck. xxx

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