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almosthealed , 16 Jun 2009


Hi JeannieK-- You mentioned somewhere that you were doing the online therapy thing, right? Can you update us about how that is going? I'm really curious what kind of therapy there is available for this, and how they treat it etc ... I'd be interested to hear your experience.
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June 20, 2009
Almost healed PLEASE forgive my absence, I have been very very busy and I admit that evetns have led to a real hiatus from the urge to pick. Well, the Dr who has offered her services online offers different sessions for a cost. I purchased the 10 for $100, which is positively a steal. She was very prompt about getting to me and asked me for some background information through an assignment....which I was so stressed about doing 'perfectly' (ding ding ding anyone???Grin) that she said that we should back up and I should share what I'm more comfortable with. To be honest I have not had enough interchange with her to tell you how effective she is, only a gut instinct that she is. My breakthrough ironically has come about through a nutritionist/coach who has had me checking in with him and journaling nightly. I have become SUPER AWARE of my behaviors and am having some success at taking the venom out of my self-attacking behavior and I found that when I stuck up for myself (TO myself) I lost a lot of the urge to create face craters. The dancing demon digits still are apt to wander when I'm NOT aware, but between being very busy, making a schedule each day to follow and inserting some HUMOR (I saw that post, right on, the sense of humor is how we'll all survive I'm convinced) when I want to come down on myself I'm noticing that the urge is incredibly less...after more than 3 years of feeling helpless. Rather miraculous. I DO plan to resume my sessions with her this weekend and will be happy to tell you more then. While she has to keep my info confidential and I'll certainly honor her confidences I cannot imagine why she would mind if I just gave an honest opinion of the sessions. IT's supposed to be teh age of 'transparency' right? ...and if she handles this with integrity and success I'll want all of you to be able to do this to help yourselves. WArm hugs!

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