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look_its_snowing , 13 Sep 2009

Besides skin picking

besides skin picking, does anyone have any other obsessive compulsions?
4 Answers
September 16, 2009
collecting usual things (can tabs, bottle tops the plastic ones), breaking down cardboard (like cereal boxes I assume I do this b/c I had to do this at a previous job & just can't stop), the way I clean a sink before washing dishes (I also did this at a previous job), cut coupons, break my check down every week and put every penny in a specific place...the list goes on...
September 28, 2009

In reply to by Becca

I have an issue with symmetry, for example tzchochkeys on a shelf, or picture on a wall, if they aren't balanced it makes me crazy. I'm also obsessive about things having to be where they belong. For example when my ex (my son's father, {my son is 16, I'm 40) moves the stove to clean behind it, or takes something apart of moves one of my things I get really anxious and wound up until it goes back where "I thing it belongs". I tend to be very territorial about my stuff. I share fine, I am however paranoid about my cell phone, if some one borrows it I get very nervous and paranoid about getting it back. I'll set to vibrate at work and other places ringtones aren't appropriate, but I refuse to shut it off.
September 30, 2009

In reply to by thecrankyone

yeah i feel the same way about the cell phone thing...Actually ALOT like that. I love to share my stuff...but I am also fidgety when ppl move stuff esp. if its a the house...even worse at work at my desk
Lara Coimbra
October 04, 2009
beside skin picking... i got a problem with my atention... it realy causes me promblems at school...

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