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cheftk , 17 Mar 2010

I missed all of you

Hi everyone, I'm back and I survived my demonstations. I tried to pick as little as I could, but hey....I have the perfect excuse.....I'm a chef! I really missed the support that I got and get from this forum. It's great to have kindred spirits out there that are going through the same as me......FYI.....I tried body talk therapy to help me with this and it seemed to have calmed down a little.....anyone else tried something like that??
3 Answers
March 18, 2010
welcome back !! it's great to hear the demonstrations went well and your picking has calmed down a little. i, too, appreciate the support in this forum. it has helped me immensely !! with your mention of body talk therapy i investigated it and being a believer that we ourselves have the ability to address our concerns if we make a concerted committed effort to do so, i think the body talk therapy is definitely something to consider as being very valuable. i will begin the cortices practices daily since they seem to be the basis and most critical technique of the therapy and only takes a few moments. is this what you do or do you do more than this?
March 19, 2010

In reply to by wildflower

I do do the cortices practices, but also seeing a body talk therapist whenever my body allows...I'm feeling very positive about it.......have you noticed any help with the cortice practice??? Let me know.....this might be interesting and we might get our mind body spirit to heal itself!!
March 20, 2010

In reply to by cheftk

i only heard about it when you mentioned it and then i went and looked it up ... and truthfully, i forgot about doing it today ... i do think it sounds interesting and i would be interested in hearing from people who have been doing it faithfully for some time ... :)

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