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picky_OC , 26 Mar 2010

How Do I Stop the Urge to STOP PICKING??????

Hi Everyone! I'm new to this site.... I'm 26 years old and I've been picking away at my skin since I was 10 years old. I remember that it started when I was on vacation and got some mosquito bites and started picking at them, and it all went downhill from there! :o( I've done some research on this and I just dont know WHY I pick my skin. I've never been traumatized and abused in my life and I'm not depressed or anything. Sure, I've had some career-related stress in the past couple of years, but my picking started way before that. Everytime I am going to a wedding or party that I know about in advancve, I'm really good and dont touch my skin and it heals very well and Im happy! BUT, after the party I start picking again! I Hate IT!!! I just cant stop! I pick so much that its almost like second nature to me....I dont even realize that I'm picking! I can even pick in front of looks like I'm rubbing my back or neck but Im actually picking!!!! :o\ I've also noticed that if Im upset or worried or stressed about something, I tend to pick even I'll sit there and pick pick pick for 15 minutes straight!!! It's disgusting!!! I can only imagine what other people must think when they see me! When I was younger all of my picking was on my legs, but I dont do that anymore and now my legs look perfect! :o) (I have no idea what made me stop...if I did I woulda done the same thing now). But now I've moved up and am picking all over my arms, back and chest!!! :o( My family tells me to stop, but they dont understand that I just dont have the will power to stop on my own. I'm wayyyyy too embarassed to discuss this with my doctor. I was sooo happy when I found this me some relief knowing that Im not alone! Anyways, I'm looking for tips and advice on how to stop picking at my skin! I'm sick and tired of being self-conscious about my skin and always trying to cover-up with long sleeve shirts or make-up! PLEASE HELP!!!! I'm open to any and all suggestions! What has worked for you??? I'd like to get married soon and I dont want to be covered in scabs and scars on my wedding day! :o( PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE HELP ME!!!!!!! How Can I Stop This Horrible Urge To Pick At My Skin??????? Thanks!
3 Answers
March 26, 2010
read through the many posts in this forum. there is lots of information and suggestions and recommendations. choose the path that fits you. ultimately, your success will depend upon your willpower and determination in conjunction with the therapies and tactics you choose. unfortunately, there is no magic bullet, no single medication, no perfect therapy. know that you are not alone, but also know that it is possible to win the battle. muster up the courage to speak with your doctor and/or dermatologist if you can because getting out from behind the embarrassment could be helpful in your breakthrough and you might find some assistance through them. not the solution, likely, but assistance, because it is going to take a personal strength from within to make headway, not unlike the short term successes you achieve now and again before events and holidays and the like. trust me, it will not likely go away on its own and will be with you years down the road (speaking from experience) unless you make your move now. i certainly hope that you find the information that inspires you to make the commitment that is needed to conquer this obsession, and sooner, rather than later. ........ i want to add that even though i am 30 days with no picking, i still have the urges. my hands still find the bumps that i would normally scratch off, squeeze, and eventually take tweezers to which would ultimately wind up in a bloody mess requiring bandages but i'm being strong. i'm being loving and respectful to my skin. i've changed my daily regimen and diet. i'm taking extra vitamins . i'm eating better. i'm determined to make the 40 day challenge. i imagine that like a recovering alcoholic still experiences urges to have that first drink even years down the road necessitating keeping in touch with others in groups such as alcoholics anonymous, i will undoubtedly have urges to make war with my skin and will have to resist as best as i can and perhaps i will revisit this site from time to time and or keep in touch with others with this affliction to keep myself on the right track. goodness knows, i've suffered many many years with this so i know how hard it is to stop picking and to stay stopped. again, i hope you find what you need within this site to inspire you to begin your effort to love and respect your skin. :)
March 26, 2010

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Thank you for the advice...I really appreciate it! And you're right...this is something I need to overcome on my own. Maybe it sounds silly, but I'm thinking about using a calendar to keep track of my non-picking dates and maybe place a star sticker on each day I dont pick my skin. Sounds like Im in kindergarten! haha! But hey, if it helps to give me some kind of visual, then I'll try it! Or I've also thought about rewarding myself if I make it thru, say a month, without picking...then keep it going! Some of the other methids I've used before (like before parties), which I have found helpful.....I'll post pictures of models on the wall! Then I always see them and how beautiful their skin looks and since I want to look as good as them, it prevents me from picking at my skin! These methods work, but like you said, I need to make sure I keep it up and dont let it go downhill after the party is over! Thank You again and best of luck to you! 30 days is alot! Keep it up! :o)
March 26, 2010

In reply to by picky_OC

you're very welcome. and don't think anything that you do to try to help yourself along the path to better skin care is silly. use whatever works and reap the benefits. it isn't easy, though. at least it hasn't been for me in the past. i don't know how many times i half-assed-tried to stop it but i guess i hit my "bottom" as they say and i finally am giving it a committed effort which this site helped me do. i never knew so many people also did this to themselves and this took some of the embarrassment away. plus i had been searching in desperation for information about skin care since many dermatologists didn't help me (of course they couldn't by themselves!!). then it dawned on me that it was up to me. i had to do it myself, armed with the information i found here and on other sites. i have a whole new approach to my skin now. and thank you for the congrats.and best wishes. such positive support is always appreciated and is encouraging :)

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