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miah2lill , 01 Aug 2010

new w/ questions and concerns

hello everyone what could this be ?? last yr i had a ingrown hair right above my knee . i kept messing w/ it until i picked a really nice size hole in my leg. it finally healed but never completely , it would heal but with a blister like thing. well i left it alone for the most part for along time until recently i had bought this sulfur soap and it made the blister bust and a hair came out of it and blood and all that yuck stuff. then it will heal up and do it all over again .. i have a few spots like this from ingrown hairs that wont go away ..they heal as a blister and pop and do it all over again.. any clue ?? im going crazy trying to figure out what it could be . after the blister like thing pops there is no noticable hair there but then it does the process all over again.. i went to the doc once but she just said i was crazzy and there is no hair . well there is something makin these things not heal . help please
2 Answers
August 04, 2010
Sounds like staph. Ask your Doc to prescribe Bactoban antibiotic ointment. Use it twice a day. Is this the only prob. you have. Many of us on this site are compulsive pickers and not only pick but eat the scabs off our bodies. If you have this kind of problem the ointment will likely not work very well.
August 10, 2010

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I had perscribed Bactoban last yearr for the wound i made from picking at the hair . it healed but like a flat blister like thing. i left alone for along time .but recently i messed w it again cause it was getting on my nerves. i went to the doc last week , she pecscribed me bactrin oral antiobiotics, and ive putting some fungus type cream on the spots. this has helped big time. i had a culture takin so im waitin to see still what is going on with these thing

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