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maddykins , 25 Sep 2010

I tried to make UK aware of dermatillomania on TV

Hello friends. Jayne here from England. Just wanted to share this with you. I applied to go on Channel 4's show called 'Embarrasing bodies' and went to their studio a few weeks ago to be filmed to put forward to Channel 4 for their decision whether i would be picked to go on the show, explaining about our condition and hopefully be chosen to go on the show. I had to have an hour long phone session too with the tv company's phsycologist and it was her final decision to see if I was fine to face any backlash after being on the show. Unfortunately, I was not chosen to go onto the show as the phsycologist decided I was not strong and stable enough in myself to cope with being on tv. Apparently after the show they receive feedback on their website etc and some people are really nasty and say terible things. I tried my fellow friends to show the UK how horrible Dermatillomania is and how more of the population need to be aware of it but it wasn't meant to be. Oh well, just keep supporting each other on here. Jayne x
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September 26, 2010
Well done for trying. I am from the UK too and am amazed at how dermatillomania is so unresearched now I realise how many people suffer. I was thinking that I should do something to help the many people who must think they are alone (like I did until I found skinpick) . You are much braver than me. I have confided in a few people, but I feel so pathetic going on about something I do to myself and they tend to say "just stop doing it then" and miss the point that it's out of my control. Due to this attitude I am not sure that I could expose myself to the ridicule that would enevitably follow if I 'outed' myself. We are very sensitive souls who do this to ourselves and I have real respect for you for being up for TV.
September 28, 2010

In reply to by Bathsheba

Thank you for your comments Bathsheba and others. If you are one who picks arms, face, chest,buttocks etc it would be lovely to keep in touch perhaps via email and I would love to meet someone from the uk who has same condition so we can support each other. Look forward to hearing from you. Jayne x
October 11, 2010

In reply to by maddykins

Hi my name is Toni im from the Uk. i have dermotillomania, and it just grinds me down more and more each day, i used to have confidense before i had this, and even when i didnt realise i had this i had more confidense, and now my confidense is almost all gone because i find it so hard to open up to people and make relationships with people because i feel so embarassed, i have my boyfriend, thank god! if i didnt have him i dont know what id do, but he dosnt really understand it properly is the only thing. but i dont have really any proper friends anymore. look forward to hearing back from you if you want
October 11, 2010

In reply to by scared-and-scarred

Hi Toni. Great to hear from you. Be great to keep in touch and perhaps support each other because I don't think anyone understands what we have unless they have it themselves. My email address is - if you would like to message me and anyone else from the UK. I would love to eventually like to meet up with fellow sufferers one day and become friends and help each other. Take care Jayne x
September 26, 2010
well done maddykins i totally agree with trying to make people more aware of this, as alot of people suffer with this condition and dont even realise it has a name and is a proper condition. i think its a good idea for dermatilomania suffers to go on a show like embarrasing bodies its perfect way to get suffers to face up to thier skinpicking problem, as they would probably explain the causes, syptoms and treatment briefly and hopefully sufferers are watching the show with loved ones who could support them better and know what to do after watching the show and could help them make the first steps to finding treatment.
December 27, 2010
I'm really glad to have found this site, there's a shocking lack of information and suport out there. I'm 21 and have been battling with this since about age 12. There are times when it isn't a problem at all, but as most of you probably know, when in times of stress it can get ridiculous. I'd just like people to talk about it with, and maybe get the support i'm lacking that will help me stop once and for all.
December 27, 2010
Hey im 19 and also from the UK and i feel like the only person in my god dam town to do this to myself! Feel free to email I would also like to keep in contact with a fellow sufferer! X
May 09, 2012
hey, I have been skin picking since age 5 - now I am 23 and still doing it. part of me wants to stop (like right now) but i sadly enjoy it - its consuming. I didn't even know it was a condition until I accidently came across this site ... so thankyou for making this clear. Has anyone from the UK had any success with seeking help from doctors? I am reluctant to go but know I need to sort this out. I want ot be ready to stop but sometimes, from my experience, doctors have been insensitive (not all mind!) but some, and it just really puts me off.... any info would be great kind regards han
May 09, 2012

In reply to by han1299

Hi there Han. Great to hear from u on the site. I have asked on here a few times who is from UK and only a few people replied and i started messaging them but they have disappeared. Dont think there are many UK people on here. I have been to doctors on several occasions but they just shrug it off and change subject as they have never heard of Dermatillomania. All of us want to stop but can never see me going a day without picking. Have been picking my arms like mad tonight and now feel really yuk bowt myself but never feel positive enough to do owt about it!! Bought a hypnosis cd months ago to stop skin picking but as i have no motivation with everything I have no effort to play cd and help my skin problems. Such a viscious circle. If we are not 100% happy with ourselves then i think it will always be a hard battle to stop picking. The doctor will probably offer you counselling to find root cause of picking. I personally tried counselling but it didn't work for me. Too many root problems to sort!!!! I am much better with company cos it is more when alone that i pick. Take care and message anytime. Jayne x
September 09, 2013

In reply to by han1299

Hey, I'm from England. I told my doctor and he said I just should just stop. He kinda just chuckled and said its down to me. I know only I can stop but ud think docs would offer some sort of support. I feel embarrassed to ask again.
April 28, 2013
I was thinking of appearing on the show a while ago. I even left comment for the doctors of the show to talk about my own experience but got ignored. I have suffered with this condition since i was 17 years old and i am now 36 years old. I also suffer with Tricohtillomania.
April 28, 2013

In reply to by Katryn

Hiya Katryn. Great to see your response re Embarrassing bodies. Whereabouts do you live?? I would love to meet up with someone with this skin picking disorder as we are only ones who understand each other!!! Be great to support each other. If u fancy messaging more -my email is and this goes for any other people on here from the UK. Take care. Jayne xx
April 29, 2013
It's a shame that you weren't officially entered for the programme because it would had been brilliant for this problem to finally been addressed to people. I feel like I am the only one from the people close in my life that does this. People who do not understand that this is a problem, really do not emphasise at all. They think that I must have a spot problem and I simply just pick at it. I am surprise that I don't ever hear this get mentioned in newspapers. Such rehab, meeting places probably do not exist because in reality, people like me really can not bring themselves to feel comfortable in confined places when going through this current issue. I was a positive, bright, chirpy individual before that worked as a waitress full time. I was going through a happy time, so it didn't make sense for me to suddenly relapse after almost half a year of not doing so. I ended up taking time off work and texting my boss the truth. She was understanding via text however when I put myself back into work, I was behaving not entirely myself, I found it hard to look and smile at customers, or not even talking as much to my coworkers and avoiding long eye contact. I could sense my behaviour caused a change to how everybody dealt with me at the workplace. Even though I told my boss I was supposedly back on track, she totally then ignored that I may had still been fragile and it really did not help that she ended up putting me as the dishwasher for the whole week. I then finally knew I had to quit. Not just the change at work but how I was a confident person who happily talked and made eye contact, I suddenly became rigid because I didn't want anyone to really look at me anymore because I didn't want to be judged. Even if makeup concealed at the most, I felt I would still be judged for wearing too much obvious coverage. So what I'm trying to say, is that picking doesn't even mean that it derives from an underlying horrible background or whatnot. I am planning to see a doctor eventually so they can recommend whether I need to see a therapist or seek medication.
July 22, 2013
Hello, I'm studying Journalism and I'm currently working on a documentary to help raise awareness about Dermatillomania. I'd love for you share your story with me, if you'd feel comfortable. My email address is, or the Twitter account is media_roxy Please get in touch, I feel we can help one another :)

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