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Brooklyn718 , 11 Jan 2011

My story

hello im and african american teen and i am currently 18 going on 19 in a few months. I remember how it all started when i was about 8 and my cousins came to visit me. there from the west Indies and been walking on hard ground since they where born and had very rough feet. idk why but i thought it was so cool so i started taking a nail clipper and clip off the skin of my feet. that was the worst decision i ever made. ever since then i started doing that to my feet because it gave me a sense of pleasure. after years and year my feet started to look worse. now that i am 18 my feet look horrible. and the picking spread to my legs. i have huge sores and i constantly just dig for no reason. i want to stop everyday. i would stop for a week or two. think im going good then when i get stressed out im right back at it. im convinced that i must be crazy, but i dont really think so. i just think i spend to much time in my room or something. thats like only time im alone with my feet with a nail clipper or anything sharp. Picking my feet makes me socially okward. i dont have much friends, things like going to the beach. playing b-ball with my friends are out the picture now. the only time i did go to the beach i wore my socks in the water.... i haven't had a girlfriend in a while. and i rarely have sex. im to self conscious of the huge scabs on my legs to take off my pants. life really sucks with this problem. i dont know what to do anymore.
3 Answers
January 13, 2011
I almost cried reading this. I started exactly the same way, with nail clippers on my feet. It was a painful and just an awful thing to do! I was probably about 11 when I started that. Now I mostly pick my scalp and fingers, I rarely attack my feet anymore. You're not crazy. Skin picking is related to obsessive-compulsive disorder and addictions and while those labels seem like "crazy" they're not.
January 13, 2011
Hi there , I also pick my feet I'm in deep depression now so I'm doing things I've never done. I let my feet get calious so I can pick and pick for hours. Do you know how long it takes to get calious feet on a girl " forever " . I have about 30 open sore on my legs I pick until I bleed and my skin tries to heal then I pick again....I feel a sense of calm and clarity when I do this..I want to stop the god thing is I stopped picking at me face.....As for you not wanting to have sex , me either I haven't had sex in over a year and I don't even care I don't want anyone to see my sickness anymore.....Wish the best for you

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