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laubie88 , 31 Aug 2008

'Buddy system' anyone?

Like many before I am both relieved and terrified to find that this thing I've been doing for most of my life has a name. It feels good to know you're not alone, but admitting you have a problem is the first step towards quitting it and just thinking about not being able to pick at my skin makes me anxious. I am 20 years old and picking my skin for over 10 years has certainly left its marks. My upper arms are always covered in red spot and little scabs. My chest looks pretty bad as well. About a year ago I began doing it to my legs as well and it has now reached a point where I can't wear shorts or skirts anymore, because it just looks too bad. The worst time for me is going to bed, because that's when I start, every day, to pick and don't stop for hours. It's severely affecting my life, not only because of my reluctance to form relationships or do anything that involves exposing skin, but also because I pick instead of sleeping. As a result I get only a couple hours of sleep at times and miss important classes. I am so done with this, but have found that trying to quit by myself isn't gonna work for me. Is there someone out there that feels the same way and would like to support me and be supported by me in this battle? I really hope so. Laura
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May 07, 2009
Hi, I'm new here. A 23 year old female from Canada. And needless to say that I'm here for the same reason as everyone else, or at least the majority of you. My email is if anybody wishes to contact me. I also created a google group for the time being that you are welcome to join. --------------------- ----------------- I'll try to create a proper forum as soon as I can, but for now anyone can join the group, introduce yourself and share your stories. I emailed an invitation for all those that posted their e-mail here, I hope it's not a problem, but if not you can simply erase the invitation.
May 10, 2009

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Hi. I am also from Canada and I think the idea of a supportive friend is a fantastic idea. I would love to have someone I know I can always rely on for the understanding and compassion I need. And although I am very new to this, I already find myself reaching for the keyboard rather than my face in times of stress and saddness. In communicating my emotions I can release the tension and the pain before it becomes overwhelming and unbearable. I can put my feeling into words and I find that as I write and reread I am calmed and soon my emotions are soothed and I can deal with and react to my any problems in a healthier way. And not only do I deal with them in a more constructive way but I can overcome them and put them behind me rather than bottle them up inside, creating a backlog of emotions that require attention. I would really love to hear more about your story and experiences, as well as the google group you have created. Reply to this comment to contact me. Thank you
May 14, 2009
Hi, I'm SweetDeeDee but just call me DeeDee for short. I am 24 years and I'm a recovering picker for day 9 and still counting. If anyone would like to contact me at dwalker12@hotmail so I'm on msn or hotmail to email me if you have any help from picking or whatever that happened. I know all about te picking situations. I can help you if any way I could do it for you so thanks again!
May 16, 2009
I've been picking since before i can remember. I'm 21 now, but somehow I've learned to be very controlled in my habits related to the picking. I used to have scabs everywhere, face and all . Now I stick mostly to my scalp and back, No Face. I don't know how I do it but I can reach anywhere on my whole back. It seems to be easier to learn to cope than to stop and I noticed that I do it less and less with some guidelines and rules. I 'm hopefull that they might lead to stopping this alltogether. I didn't know other people did this too so a buddy system sounds amazing and unreal all at the same time. lol.
May 19, 2009
Please tell me the buddy system is already out there!!! I'm so desperate...I need to heard options, what is working for you guys? this is soooo hard... if it's nbot why don't we start writing what works for each...maybe that way we can find some relief. Even know I still working on being able to talk about it...mine is not the usual. Let me know somebody!!!
May 28, 2009

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I wish somehow I could start Skin Pickers Anonymous 12 step program. That is what worked for me to keep me clean off drugs for almost 2 years now, a different 12 step program. Today is my 5th day without picking. I use some of the things I have learned from the NA to help me not pick. I also tell poeple around me what is going on. When I am going in the bathroom to get ready for bed, I tell my fiance first, even if I have to wake him up! I leave the door open. I keep my arms covered. If I am stressed or anxious I really try to be aware of it and tell someone! I also remind myseld that my skin is beautiful, I look at my bikini that i want to wear this summer. I think about the wedding dress I will be wearing in less that 3 weeks! I am not sure what kind of buddy system is out there, but I think this forum is a start. I just really think that a meeting/support group where we could meet in person and support eachother would be really helpful...... So I hope this helps somebody, I know it helps me when I read others stories and I am able to write about whats going on with me.
November 26, 2010

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I have often wished for a 12 stepper for picking. I wish I lived in a bigger city where there would be a better chance of other people joining. But I doubt anyone around here does (we are a very small community). its probably a miracle we have AA at all! how do you adapt the 12 steps to apply to picking? Particularly steps 8 and 9?
May 22, 2009
i pick my cuticles bad and i have found that putting cream on helps. but i am counting to ten when i think about picking or have picked/ fact i am biting right now.......... i find that the best thing we could do is keep so busy that those thoughts dont reach our minds and then slowly we will forget why we were even here. i know i know it sounds to good to be true.
May 25, 2009
I could definitely use someone to lean on...
June 02, 2009
love the buddy system idea. such a comfort to know there are so many other people dealing with the same issues. one suggestion i have found is bandaids before bed. I get a box of bandaids and put one on each spot, especially the ones that I have already picked, i also put special medicine on those (fyi i have found that sulfer based medications *ask your doctor first* are good because sulfer is a natural anti-infamatory and the minerals in it help skin to heal faster....learned that from my dermatologist....who has been aware of my picking since I started seeing her; she recognized the issue from looking at my skin... I didn't tell her). Anyways, unwrapping each bandaid and then placing it on a spot gives my fingers something to do, I am still paying attention to the spots, but this way I am trying to change the attention I give to my skin into a possitive thing as opposed to a negative and hurtful thing. on a different note, just wondered if anyone else struggles with their weight and if they have found any correlation between the two.
June 10, 2009

In reply to by texas123

hi i liked ur message. thx. i could SO relate to it. i have issues w/ my weight, too. and yes, i am a picker. big time picker. i am in shock now. i just came across this site and have been crying ever since. i didn't know there is a name to it . wow. i have been doing it all my life. damn. i so thought i was alone. i see i am not. anyway, my name is Amy and i just wanted to thank you for your words. hang in there.. God bless, amy
November 20, 2010
It's been a really long time since anyone has posted, but maybe there is someone in Florida I can buddy up with. I have not enjoyed the environment of living in Florida because I cannot wear shorts and tank tops. I've been battling this my whole life and would really appreciate some addition help/support to finally get on with my life!

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