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pickcomplusion , 17 Mar 2011

It Hurts

.... it hurts so badly.. i just want it to stop. i notice that when i pick to where theyre sore, i tend to push on the cuts to feel the pain from them, i no thats sounds creepy but it happens. i want it to stop. i cant even text anymore from pushing on the cuts on my fingers tips. i tried putting that stuff for babies, to help them stop sucking their thumb, because i used to bite... but now i pick alot ;[ someone please help me
5 Answers
March 17, 2011
the entire right side of my face is one raw red mess right now and i know how you feel. its sore, and that makes me think of how zits hurt when they're ripe so i push on them i hopes of pus coming out....ugh. i know how you feel, i just really want some fast ointment to make the redness go away and healing to begin.
March 17, 2011

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Hi, I'm new to this hopefully life-saver site. Let's all try together to stop this obsessive habit. I believe I am the worst picker in the entire universe. It makes me feel so alone. I have to admit I am a phobic and very nervous person, perhaps one of the reasons I pick sometimes up to 10 hours a day. I probably would have pretty good skin if I did not pick. I now have what I think to be permanent scarring. My dermatologist has prescribed Zineryt. Have used this for six weeks now and I cannot see any improvement. Any advise on how to treat a deep hole caused by my picking ?
March 17, 2011
At the age of 54 ( Female) you think I would no better. I'm afraid not. Have tried everything to stop picking my face but can't. Been to dermatologists, doctor, you name it. \i invent problems on my face that do not exist. Have tried every cream, ointment, moisturiser, plaster on the market with no success. Sorry to be so negative but I am hoping with all you guys with the same problem I may get resolution now. Here is hoping.

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