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Sandbox458850 , 11 May 2011

Soo frustrated!!

So today I was in the bathroom with my face up close to the mirror in full on picking mode and my sister came in to get her toothbrush. I don't really mind her seeing me picking so I just kept going. I was explaining how gross I felt, my face all red and bloody. She said three simple words, "just stop picking". I was so frustrated. With myself because I was letting myself pick but mostly with my sister because she doesn't get it. No one does. You can't just stop. It doesn't work like that. I'm so tired of everyone telling me to just stop when it's pretty obvious I can't.
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May 11, 2011
And now my dad just came home and gave me a lecture on how I just have to leave the scabs alone and I'm gonna get an infection and all that crap. Out if all the people my dad is the one who gets it the least. I mean he's my dad and I love him but he is really bad at understanding me and my sister when it comes to our mental problems. He just doesn't get it but I know he's trying so atleast he cares.
May 14, 2011

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i could have written this. i share a room with my sister and the rest of my family is also aware of my problem. my dad is the most likely to yell at me about it- if its really bad my mom will say something, and my sister just hates when she wants to use the bathroom and im in there. its so embarrassing. i've been at school so a roommate stopped it to some extent except i learned to capitalize on time she wasn't there =/ new goal for summer is to have my sister help me stop. why not? she already knows and asks me to stop all the time, so its not like i'm opening up to a stranger and she sees me when i'm at home/knows my habits. maybe that will work for you?

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