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cassieb1610 , 13 Jun 2011

i realized i was skin picker

ive been picking my face, scalp, back, chest, shoulders since i was about 10 and have recently have been not able to stop picking at the inside of my nose. and only a few weeks ago did i know that it wasnt a normal thing. i am now 18. i really want to stop. i hide in the bathroom for long periods of time with door shut in front of the mirror. i take at least 20 minutes before showers to "look" at my face(whenever anyone has ever asked me why im taking so long i either tell them im not doing anything or im looking at myself). sometimes i will catch myself picking and i didnt even know i was doing it in the first place. its like this thing that i cant stop. the nose thing started a few months ago, i would pick one side only and eventually there was a scab and then i kept taking the scab off and it would bleed. the scab hurt and that i would take it off, the scab thing is what really set it off. and now i have a scab in both nostrils that i cant stop messing with and its killing me. i just want them to go away so i can leave my nose alone. i told my boyfriend that i was cutting my nails for when we go camping in a few days but i really cut them because my nails are a real help for picking. i found that me cutting my nails has made me want to pick more because i dont feel that im doing it as efficiently like i was. ive resorted to trying to use the loop ends of bobby pins to help. i just want to stop. its driving me crazy this has been going on since for almost as long as i can remember. i found this website in hopes that there is someone out there that can help or give me any tips to stop
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June 13, 2011
Hi, I just found this Webpage and forum today and never knew that others had the problem of picking. I think it is a stress reliever and compulsive way for me to occupy myself when I am alone. I pick my heels and fingers and sometimes it gets so bad that I can't walk or I am ashamed when people look at my hands. I used to pick my nose when I was young so this may be a coping mechanism from way back. I hope you will realize how special you are inside and that you don't want to get infections or nose bleeds. I use vaseline in my nose when I want to pick at it or someone said lotion helps to put on our body so we feel good about ourself and don't pick at the imperfections of our body. You are so young and I know when I hurt myself, I feel deep shame and feel badly about myself. I ask myself why I do this to myself. I am learning and I hope you will find peace and keep reading and seeking answers for your deep pain too.
July 23, 2011

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i understand completely. i pick all over my body any part that bothers me. i wish i would jsut stop but its hard. i always do it in secret in the bathroom or by myself in the house. i dont like people knowing about it or looking at a red spot on my face and im like uugghhh they know i was doing it and then i think they are thinking bad of me and thats mostly why i try not to do it in public cuz i dont want people to think im gross. but when i do it i feel that im gross anyway. ive never even thought about using vaseline or anything like that. all i use is my fingers and sometimes bobby pins when my nails are too short. its nice knowing im not the only one.

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