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duckie , 16 Jun 2011


My boyfriend is the picker...We met about 2 years ago and he slowly started to reveal his problem, then he got me into picking at his body and now its the only thing he wants me to do! At first I thought it was just something he wanted to do every once in a while, but now it has overtaken our whole relationship!!! My wake up call was when he had his head on my lap and I was taking a bit of a break from the tweezers and was rubbing his hair affectionaly and he got really angry and said "if I wanted you to rub my head I would tell you!!!!" and he handed the tweezers back to me. What can I do to help him....or me!!!!
2 Answers
June 16, 2011
Hi! I would definitely stop doing it completely. It's a very destructive and unhealthy addiction and you're only helping him. It's not good for your relationship and not fair to you if that's all you do together. You can help him in other ways by giving him moral support or helping him seek therapy.
June 16, 2011

In reply to by Kamir

Thank-you for your reply! Yes I see your point! I need to stop feeding his addiction. It just makes me so sad to see this beautiful man taken down by this disorder! I have gained an understanding of what you all are going through and I wish I could invent a magic cure. Unfortunatly I think I may have to leave him, I don't see it going any furthur unless he seeks help, then I would be behind him 100%.

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