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mirrorwarrior , 16 Aug 2011

18 Days Without Picking - Big Trouble...

I've finally been disciplined enough not to touch my face for 18 days. I've been on my 30 day challenge and am 'doing' pretty well. Except, now there are bumps... EVERYWHERE. I have been disciplined this far, in part because I've covered my 'danger' mirrors, but it's getting harder and harder. I just can't take it anymore. I've been reasoning with myself more and more. That I'd rather just pick and my face to be smooth again. Who cares about the redness- it'll mostly be gone in the morning. I'm wracking my brain. I've been having worse than usual anxiety. All I can see are these bumps. For the first week I didn't wear makeup and I looked ok. Now, I'm wearing it again to cover these tiny mounds. They aren't even red except for one or two spots, but it is driving me insane like a splinter under my finger nail. What should I do? Has anyone been here before? I'm finally getting closer to my goal, but it seems to be less and less desired...
9 Answers
August 16, 2011
Eighteen days??! that is so impressive! I am so proud of you for sticking it out!! Try your best to keep your hands busy - - - text, play games on your phone, draw, play with play doh or silly putty or let glue dry on your hands and peel it off haha, as silly as it sounds it helps!! Hang in there my friend, you are doing fantastic.
August 21, 2011

In reply to by ChuChuCee

Yes you are doing great! I can't make it more than 3 days without picking. The redness might go away but there will be a SCAR there and it won't go away. Trust me when I looked at myself with the dun in my face EVERYTHING I'VE EVER PICKED SHOWED UP and it was awful....breaking the skin always shows :(
August 16, 2011
Wow 18 days, and here I was proud of myself for making it almost the entire afternoon :) LOL So, how did it go? Did you resist the urge or give in?
August 17, 2011
18 days is so impressive! Up until last Friday I had made it to 7 days and I looked and felt great. But the same thing always happens: I get too cocky thinking I'm cured so I stop being disciplined. Now here I am and I've picked for 4 days straight. The same thing happened as it did for you - my skin cleared up at first but then I noticed all these bumps and black heads and it totally consumed me until I picked at them. But 4 days of picking and I'm getting scabs again :-( So my suggestion to you is what I'm trying: reading a ton of forums about skin picking. Reading other people's storied reminds me how much I hate this in my life and how bad it looks. It keeps it in the front of my mind to be always vigilant and NEVER touch my face unless washing it. Good luck. I hope I can make it to 18 days!!
August 26, 2011

In reply to by SillyMiss86

Hi, it's funny when I read your post it sounded so much like me i thought I'd reply to you. Im 23 and picked for years. My problem has been that i KNOW it's bad to pick you face and that it's much WORSE when you are wearing makeup or you face is not clean, yet I DO IT!!! It's insane, and I have tried to stop, (successfully for about a week or so) then I start up again and pick at tiny little blackheads and blemishes that would probably go away in a day or so with no one noticing, but no i choose to look horrible like before. I pick my face mostly, then my back and shoulders and chest. I do it when I'm reading or watching a movie, or surfing the web or whatever, so it's all the time... I haven't ever talked to anyone about this problem, and a few of my friends have only mentioned it once, and it was kinda awkward, so they just don't say anything anymore. Maybe you and I can help each other. I'm starting TODAY since this is the first time I've actually even had the nerve to look this up on the internet on my own. I wish I could send you a picture of my face with no makeup. It's disgusting. People have told me I'm attractive and such, but I can't stand myself much of the time because of the REDNESS and OPEN SORES and SCABS!!! I HATE IT. I WILL STOP!!! Please help me?? What can we do to stop all this for good? I need easy practical things. Everyday things. Like first I'm gonna get rid of the tweezers and needle I carry around with me in my makeup bag. And then I'll just work on getting rid of the massive red spots and sores (about 25 - 30 right now) on my face and go from there. I will be on this probably very often to update. THANKS!
August 18, 2011
First of all, I am amazed that you made it 18 days without picking - I can barely make it a few. That's really admirable! And OMG, I know EXACTLY what you mean, it really is like "a splinter under my fingernail". I guess try to distract yourself as much as you can - if you have any bubble wrap, play with that, or twiddle a piece of fabric between your fingers, or just do something similar to that as a replacement to picking. Idk how helpful this will be, but I just wanted to put it out there, and say that I know how you feel...
August 20, 2011
Update: Thank you for all your comments! They are making me feel much better knowing you've gotten to the same point before. I have not picked at all in front of the mirror. It has now been 22 days of being 'sober'. I did however scratch my face (as I occasionally do unconsciously) but no real damage done. My lovely BF who has been so supportive over the last 4 years helps remind me when I'm doing it without knowing. 'Hands off!' It helps a lot. I still have trouble looking in mirrors. The desire does not go away. I sometimes feel the bumps through out the day and can think about nothing but making them go away. I try my hardest and remind myself of the low points, the days I couldn't get out of bed, go to work or college. How I'd ruin great days with worry and embarassment, hide from friends and social events. At least now my skin is clear from redness. But it's the BUMPS. How do I make them go away...? I stopped using Proactiv since it was bleaching my skin. I looked like a ghost. (I work outside and run, so I can't avoid the sun...) So what other acne treatment works? It's mainly only those non-red ones that you know you can 'get something out of' but a few of the red inflamed ones also. I just want them gone so bad. It would be SO MUCH EASIER to resist if they were gone. SO much easier. Thank you again for your replies and support! Keep in touch!! -Mirror Warrior
August 22, 2011
Update: A minute ago I was so close to giving in. I'm not kidding. As much as I HATE the way my skin looks after picking, at least there are no bumps. They will not go away. They are eating my alive. I know that I can't do 'just one'. I know what I will do if I give in. I want to give in... I want to give in... It's day 25. I want to give in...
August 30, 2011
Alright peeps, I'm on day four and although I have had to do a little doctoring to the sores on my face, it's clearing up!! And I just came back from my job interview (which went well and my face doesn't look bad at all just a few trouble spots covered in makeup) and I'm hoping to continue on this quest to never let my picking get out of control again. It's so hard not to touch my face, and I'm really having a tough time not picking my back still... GRRRR. I need help! Think about it i know, I want to look good out of a shirt, (working out too) so y'all doing it? I can and I will!

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