Online Counseling for People Who Suffer From Compulsive Picking Disorders

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Please note: this is a free informational call, on which we will explain about our treatment. No specific advice can be given on this call. All follow up treatment sessions are paid, prices start from $129 per session.

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Get Expert Help and Put an End to Your Picking Compulsions

Is it possible to stop picking, totally and forever? Yes, it is.

If you’re suffering from compulsive picking, you know that it’s a very evasive disorder. It’s very hard to stop on your own. We are offering online counseling for people who suffer from picking compulsions.

"Wait... Online Counseling - What is it ?"

Just as the name suggests, online counseling is counseling done using the internet. Most commonly it involves live video conferencing between client and therapist.

Numerous studies show that online counseling is at least as effective as traditional face-to-face counseling (in some cases it's even more effective, cause it removes barriers such as physical distance and time constraints).

Live a Happier Life – Free from Picking

Here are some of the changes you will experience when you free yourself from picking:

  • Live a happier and more fulfilling life
  • Alleviate anxiety and depression
  • Improve your self esteem
  • Reduce social anxiety and isolation
  • Enjoy your existing relationships and open up to new ones
  • Feel healthier and boost energy levels
  • Sleep better
  • Discover and achieve new personal and professional goals
  • Increase productivity

You’re in Good Hands

We gathered the best experts under one “virtual” roof. Each one of our experts specializes in treating compulsive picking and related disorders (skin picking being the main focus of our professional work with clients). We have more than 50 years of combined experience in treating this disorder.

Get Treatment Tailored to Your Specific Case

There are various treatment methods available for Dermatillomania. Psychotherapy, or more precisely CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is considered the most effective treatment approach. Some of the techniques involved in CBT are HRT (habit reversal training), awareness training, self-monitoring and assessment, mindfulness.

Other techniques, outside the scope of conventional psychotherapy, include coaching, holistic and body-mind techniques, nutrition and even hypnosis.

There is no particular treatment method that is effective for everyone. Each case is different and treatment has to be tailored to the individual.

Dermatillomania counseling

“How Does it Work?”

  • First step is an introduction call with one of our therapists, on which your therapist learns about your specific case and your goals, and explains everything about the treatment process.
  • Treatment is different for each individual. It will depend on your specific goals and your overall situation.
  • Most clients have weekly sessions of 1 hour every week. Others prefer short-term help (a single session or few sessions, to get expert advice).


  • How much does it cost?
    Prices start from $129 per session. Exact prices vary depending on the therapist and the number of sessions client commits to. Pricing will be explained on the intro call. Please note we don't accept insurance.
  • How do I communicate with the experts?
    Most of our clients meet their therapist via live online video. Text chat, emails and phone are also possible means of communication.
  • How long will it take to stop picking?
    It depends on your situation and goals. Schedule an intro call to get an evaluation.
  • Can you guarantee I’ll stop picking?
    A lot of our past clients are 100% pick-free. Success depends a lot on your commitment to the treatment process.
  • What about my privacy?
    Your privacy is top priority. This is why special care is taken to secure client/therapist communication. You are of course guarded by therapist-client privilege (which is a confidentiality agreement, meaning that nothing you share will be disclosed by the therapist to any third party).
  • Do you have some other questions not addressed here?
    Feel free to ask us.

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Feedback From Past Clients

... after just my complimentary intro call and two coaching sessions, I feel like I’ve made massive amounts of progress in working toward my goal. I owe so much of my progress to you, and I just want to say thank you! I really didn’t expect to have come so far in such a short amount of time, considering I have lived with this since childhood. Everyone keeps telling me I look fantastic, and they’re asking me what I’m using/doing for my skin! Hailey, FL

I had been picking my skin since adolescence. I felt really bad about it, both physically and mentally. I was an outcast and worst of all didn’t even know what’s wrong with me. Thanks to this counseling program I am now a much happier person! The urge to pick has almost vanished, and when it appears I know exactly where it is coming from and how to control it. I think that every person who suffers from this disorder should seek expert help. It is guaranteed to change lives – it most certainly changed mine. Jenny S, LA

It was then that she [our daughter] started pulling less and less and she now has a full head of hair and is not (to my knowledge) pulling at all. I know that Trich may reoccur at different life stages or in times of stress, but for now we trying to enjoy and appreciate her [our daughter's] positive qualities and show her lots of love and affection. I am forever indebted to you - I have changed as a person and as a mother and my daughter (and my other children) have benefited greatly from her wisdom and support. Mom of an 8-year-old Hair Puller

Have questions about our online counseling service? Ask us >>