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MasterPicker , 16 Jun 2010

Where do you pick?

Curious where the different sweet spots are people like to pick. I know a lot of threads have different places but thought we could all list it out so everyone can see in one thread. Also do you dig down to the blood or just the top layer of skin? I try not to hit blood but sometimes it happens. For me there are 3 spots: 1&2. in the fold of the knuckle of my thumb and big toe on the palm side about the size of a quarter. 3. Palm side area between the pinky finger and hand about the size of a quarter
82 Answers
June 19, 2010
I'm a head-picker. I do draw blood, not intentionally but almost every time. It started as picking off dandruff & dead skin about 7 years ago and slowly progressed to picking healthy spots on my scalp until they were scabbed thus encouraging the picking process even more. Sounds insane to type it out, I never really thought about it, I just did it. ~Ca!t|in.
July 02, 2010

In reply to by chemicalrainbows

I pick my back mostly, and the backs of my arms, but also my face, the back of my neck under the hair, and butt. This week I began picking at my scalp which is sore now. My entire body feels sore right now from all the picking. At night I pick my back until it bleeds and then there are little blood spots on my pillow the next day. that's not normal. I don't seem to pick from the kness down or from the elbows down. not sure why.
July 02, 2010

In reply to by chemicalrainbows

I pick my back mostly, and the backs of my arms, but also my face, the back of my neck under the hair, and butt. This week I began picking at my scalp which is sore now. My entire body feels sore right now from all the picking. At night I pick my back until it bleeds and then there are little blood spots on my pillow the next day. that's not normal. I don't seem to pick from the kness down or from the elbows down. not sure why.
August 17, 2010

In reply to by brens

I seem to pick my arms, legs, back, shoulders, and whatever I can get my hands on. But I try not to pick my face. I have a couple scars from doing that and don't want anymore. I feel this is a really hard disorder to kick. In the past I would pull out my hair, clip my feet with clippers to get all the thick skin off. And pick off my cuticles, but I haven't done that in a long time.
June 20, 2010
Well, for me, its really bad. I started picking my arms, which is still my worst spot. I also pick at my face, scalp, legs, back, and my chest. I have really bad pick marks everywhere on my body. But Im trying to quit.
June 20, 2010
started on my upper arms and face ten+ years ago, squeezing blocked pores/ removing the white blob stuff just under the skin layer, i avoid drawing blood but my nails sometimes dig too deep. as of 6 months ago i now squeeze every blocked pore i can feel! i pick my lower arms, thighs, back, belly, elbows, face and neck. im currently doing cbt to try to stop it but i think its too little too late. i need my finger nails permantly removed
Belle and the Beast
July 01, 2010

In reply to by MAD-am

I also started on my upper arms as a preteen and now pick all blocked pores. And I know just what you mean about the white junk. Sometimes drawing blood is satisfying for me, like I feel when I've gotten all the white out of my pore it will bleed and I know I can stop squeezing. My worst places now are my arms, face, and my breasts. I used to pick my back a lot but have stopped that and started creeping down my arms instead. I really worries me that I'm starting to pick places that my clothes don't cover and I don't seem to care.
June 28, 2010
For years, I just picked my scalp, which was probably the healthiest time for me. There were no scars to show to the world. Then, I moved to my back, so now I have scars there. For the past three years, I have given my back a bit of a break by constantly picking my face. For the first two years, no scars formed; I just had a extremely red face at night but by morning, it was all better. Sometime last year, my face decided to wear out on me, and now the scars are everywhere. At this point, I've tried everything I've read about to stop picking--and things help for a while--but I still can't stop. I was good for almost two weeks until last night because I had some stress from the weekend I couldn't get off my mind. The picking relieved me, temporarily. Now, I'm back online trying to seek out help because my face looks awful, and I know I must stop.
June 30, 2010
I pick my scalp and my feet. I try to hide what I do as best as I can. I will dig into my scalp and scratch until I make it bleed. Then i will pick those scabs everyday, usually around my bangs/part. I let them heal before I get a hair cut, but one time i forgot and she thought the scab was a mole :P I scratch for blood, and will pick every last bit of scab/skin off. The bottoms of my feet are ravaged. I will pick/peel or use a callus remover. I don't try to get blood because then it REALLY hurts. I did on accident last night though, I went too deep with the callus remover. OUCH. They are usually red and tender. I am so paranoid about people knowing, and these spots are pretty hidable. My sister picks her scalp, feet and fingers. How sad are we??
July 01, 2010
My worst places are my chin, my nose, my shoulders, and my inner elbows, but I will pick any lump. My nose and chin just because they break ot the worst, my shoulder because the acne I get there is easiest to pick, and I just keep picking at the same scabs in the crease of my elbow. It's gotten to the point where it almost looks like I shoot heroin or something! :o But I try just to pick the skin, but if it looks like the blood will squirt, I pop the blood too. Ugh, it sounds so gross. Sorry. :(
July 02, 2010
I believe i began picking the inner sides of the thumbs since as long as i can remember, then i started picking my heels. These are where i most frequently pick, and i bleed when i pick my thumbs. I also bite the skin off my lips and the insides of my mouth where I can also begin to bleed. Then it got to the bottoms of my big toes. Later on I began lightly scratching or rubbing my nose, cheeks, and forehead and rubbing my fingers together to get the skin off. Then it got to my back and shoulders a couple years ago where there are now lots of little blisters. Finally, I began rubbing my thumbs against my palms and fingers to get the little flakes of skin off. I also have a frequent habit of tearing off my fingernails when they get too long (by my standard) and digging out anything that may make them seem or dirty which is mainly just the skin from rubbing and scratching.
August 05, 2010
I tend to pick at various locations. The place I am most embarrassed about is my breasts. I think it's because I think I can cover or conceal them from the rest of the world. I now have permanent scaring on both breasts. I continue to do it and I can't stop. I have more spots, and infections then I can count on my body. I am way to ashamed and embarrassed to go seek medical advice, I wouldn't even know how to ask about it. I know this is really gross, and breasts are meant to be beautiful. Mine are now however, it's a DEEP secret I live with, and will live with for the rest of my life!
September 07, 2010

In reply to by ashamed.picker

Thats my worst hot spot too! That and my face. I also pick at my arms, and my legs a little bit here and there. But my breasts and face by far. Its all of those pores... and the fact that I have large ones make them easily accessible. Its really difficult... trying to be sexy when being intimate is nearly impossible when Im trying to hide my breasts all the time. It also worries me... if I ever have kids, will I be able to breast feed?? My nipples are severely distorted as well. The areolas, I mean. Scarred to all hell.
August 11, 2010
Well I have been consistently picking my forehead for a year, I have heavy swept bangs so my blemishes are easy to hide without appyling make-up. I used to pick my chest and back really badly and I tried really hard to stop with that because I was getting sick of wearing clothes that always cover me up so I've doing okay with my back and chest, pretty good actually. But over the past couple of weeks I've like picking at my chin, I don't usually, but I have scars there that are only visible to me and I pick at those. I pick till things scab usually, I just recently picked my forehead but managed to pull myself away before it was covered in scabs! Good luck everyone!
August 12, 2010
I pick the side of my nails on all of my fingers till blood comes out (not hygenic). I used to pick the bottom of my heel (very painful). And if that isn't enough, I used to pick at my hair and pull it out on the back of my head.
August 13, 2010
I actually never pick my face, mostly everywhere else. Arms, legs, feet, shoulders, back. My arms and legs are the worse. I hate summer because it is so hot and i have to wear shorts and short sleeves. I always feel really embarrased -usually attempt to cover my legs up w/ long dresses
August 17, 2010
I pick mostly my fingers, especially around my thumbs and inside my ears. I recently noticed some blisters on the heels and bottoms of my feet so I've been concentrating around that area. Also I'll pick anywhere that has a scab. When I find a spot to pick I'll pick until it hurts, it dosen't really matter if theres blood I'll just wipe it away and keep going. Either that or I'll stop until theres litterally nothing to pick, like when a scab is completely healed over, but I certainly try picking at it. If it gives away, I'll continue picking until I make the scab all over again. But if I know theres an area I want to pick I won't stop thinking about it until I've picked it.
August 19, 2010
I started with my back, then the back of my arms. After I start to scar my arms, I moved to my chest and then scarred that, I then moved to my legs, and then my scalp which I found was the hardest place to stop picking because it was not very noticeable. However, I have fine hair and you were able to start noticing the scars. I now mostly pick my arms and I also pick the inside of my forearms. Today I looked in the mirror and saw my arms as I was brushing my hair and I was so mortified.

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