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Trulyinvisible , 30 Apr 2011

I Think the Skin Picking is Getting Worse?

First of all, hi, I'm new here and was so glad I found this site. I honestly for a long time didn't know other people did this. But I'm kind of down right now, mainly because I think my skin picking getting worse. I always new that picking my skin was unhealthy, but I hadn't really realized how much it was becoming a problem until a couple days ago and exspecially last night. So last night around twelve I had to take my contacts out, but it was taking longer than usual so I got up on my counter with my face right up to the mirror. When I was done I saw a black head on my nose and decided to pick it, but that picking moving to other area's of my face such as my cheeks and chin and forehead. I couldn't stop, I wasn't really thinking about it much. When I decided I needed to stop I went back to bed, but the urge was stronger than ever before. So I gave in and went back to the bathroom where I continued to pick for an even longer time. IT wasn't until I was finally done that I went back to bed, where I realized if I didn't go to bed fast the urge wasn't going to leave me and I'd want to go back a third time. But I realized my forehead (where I picked the most) was burning and stinging horribly, it hurt so bad. Then in the morning I saw the painful scars (I've been doing this for a while but I never caused scars) now every time I raise my eye brows it stings and hurts. There's a lot of tiny scars of where I digged my nails into my skin and it makes me want to cry. I'm so upset with myself, I couldn't believe I gave in and lost all control. I'm ashamed and pissed at myself, it's never affected me this much. I just thought maybe if I picked deep enough there would be perfect, clear skin under my wide pores. I don't mean to obess over my pores, I just can't stop. What can I do? It just seems to get harder and harder.
2 Answers
April 30, 2011
I really understand how you feel. Ive been fighting this for so long. I damaged my face very badly almost everyday for a year. I havent done it for about 3 weeks now. Ive been telling myself that I have gone over my face and squeezed my pores to death so so so many times and it was getting so obsessive and unreasonable. I sed to myself, look you cant do this to your skin all your life. So I decided, after I squeezed every pore for the last time-right I cant try and control skin anymore, im going to look at face as a whole, and unless there is something obvious on my skin im not going to worry about it. When you look too close thats a dangerous place to be, it shows us an unrealistic view of our skin, up close, every1s skin looks worse. I make sure I have a good diet, water. I take care of skin-using cucumber,natural remedies,natural clensers. So I am doing everything I can to prevent spots/blackheads and to have healthy skin. If I stil get some, wel no skin is perfect. For me, another motivation is to just get to the stage of not having to hide my face anymore! I feel much more free as I can look people in the eye now. I was targeting the smallest of pores and looking almost through layers to find impurities, now I only quickly glimpse at my face, I never stand close, but from a distance other people would look normally look at you from and I look right on the top surface of skin and if I cant see anything,im fine. I dont prod or stretch my skin to find anything either. I have scars still and they are taking time to fade-it worrys me. I wish you all the best, i am here to support you, dont punish yourself for any slip ups you make, just start again, take long walks,fresh air,absorb yourself in things, concentrate on ur hair, clothes, jewlerry etc. So u can stil good about yourself. And remember, ur personality is what makes u attractive. People dont really pay much notice to skin. Wel maybe nice lipstick and bag. Hehe. Hugs. X

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