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amgoingtochange , 16 Oct 2011

tips & ideas to help reduce picking and improve skin appearance

Hi everyone. I guess i just want to start a thread where people can post ideas and tips for stopping skin picking and improving what our skin looks like. I, like many of you, have spent endless hours in front of mirrors picking at skin and that is why we have ended up on this website. I was thinking it might be a good idea to have a thread like this where people can add helpful/worthwhile ideas/tips that they have received from skin specialists, read on the internet or in books or whatever. It might be a good idea to write them in list form cos this makes it easier for people to read! Maybe something like this: 1. Perfectil vitamins 2. Lemon juice for lightening scars 3. Keep nails short 4. Cover mirror with a large calendar (maybe tick off days) 5. Nimue skin care range 6. Sudocream and aloe vera for open wounds 7. Drink water 8. Paradox - omega 3,6,9 fish oil 9. Pray for motivation to stop 10. Read 'stoppickingonme' online book
3 Answers
November 11, 2011
another cream ifine good is Smooth E cream. got it online wen got dermaroller but i never use it anymore. thinking of getting microdermabrasion. any of you ever tried it???
November 13, 2011

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I've heard microdermabasion will not be much help for indented scars - and the dermaroller will be a better option. I also bought a derma roller and am slowly beginning to see results with it, not wow my skin is perfect now, but minor improvements in marks filling in with new skin and making marks less noticeable.
November 13, 2011
I keep the lights dim in my bathroom (by not replacing light bulbs when they burn out), but I live alone so I can do that without annoying other people. You could also keep a candle in the bathroom and only wash your face by candlelight. Change your towels often so that the bacteria doesn't build up and give you acne/something else to pick at. Prozac helped me, but indirectly. It improved my mood, which got me out of the house and living life more, which gave me less time to pick and less reasons to hate/punish myself. It doesn't actually stop the urges though.

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