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valentine , 14 Feb 2012

Valentine: I'll be mine

Hi All. So, I've been at this for 20 years and I am ready to stop. I've been trying to amass days without picking by "counting days" but what I see now is that I have still been trying to assert willpower over a chronic medical condition and, like an addict trying to quit drugs or alcohol, I have a much better chance of making it if I *don't* try to do it alone. So I'm posting here to not go it alone. And Day One will be tomorrow, Valentine's day. I hope. So tonight's goal is to make it to slumber tomorrow without picking. Like many of you I've gone days, weeks, even months without picking over the years but like a virus that never leaves the body, it always returns. I'm in a new relationship now and though I've been upfront and open about the issue, I've thus far managed to hide most of the damage because we are apart for weeks at a time due to work commitments so I do a ton of damage, then wait for it to heal which is usually timed to our visits. Then, after we've been together nonstop for a week or two, the picking starts again and mainly along the bikini/wax line. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired over this problem and so I ask for as much support as you're able to offer. I'd love to track other people's progress too! And I guess I want to be ready for the inevitable slips along the way. Anyway, thanks for reading. And thanks for already "getting it".
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October 23, 2012
Picked at a few pores tonight. Just trying to stay accountable. Otherwise have been nearly pick free. Just want to check in when I slip, even a tiny bit!

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