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pickaholic , 25 Jun 2012

Hi fellow pickers

I am ashamed to admit that I, too, am a long-time picker of any area on my body at all that is rough or has a wound. I don't stop picking until the scab is completely gone. They sometimes get very red and infected but that doesn't stop me. Nothing stops me until the scab is gone or if I have fake nails which keeps me from picking anything with my fingers. Sometimes I will find something else to pick with but having nails on makes me feel pretty and gives me something to be proud of so I usually leave my scabs alone. Right now my head is filled with bloodied dried scabs but I still pry them off sometimes causing a lot of pain due to the deep digging that I "have" to do in order to pry them off. And when they get "lost" in my hair I get really aggravated and just keep searching for more and more. I recently had a very sore right nostril. I noticed a pimple-like thing and even though it hurt like hell I picked and dug at it until it wasn't there anymore. The next thing I knew it was in my left nostril. I did the same thing until it was gone. I won't go to a doctor because of being ashamed of what I do. Last year I sat out in the sun and I was also taking ritalin for depression prescribed by my psychiatrist. I developed a bunch of bubbles on my left arm and then a huge bubble-like blister on my upper arm. I picked it until it was gone but now I have a HUGE white scar and it is very noticeable and I am embarassed by that as well as how my arms and legs look as they are filled with scars from years of picking. And yes, I eat them too. If I lose the scab before I get to eat it, especially if it is a juicy one, I get very annoyed and irritated. I'm eating my own skin cells, infection and dried blood and hair follicles...How nasty but I still do it. It's my dirty little secret and I hate it so much. I'm too old to be doing things like that, but I still do it. Come hell or high water, as soon as my sore cuticle heals (and I refuse to pick that) I am going to get my nails done so hopefully I can let my scalp heal. I feel as though I have bugs crawling on me sometimes which makes me itch, pick and dig even more at my head. Anyway, thanks for listening. I am ashamed of this bad habit of mine. It is gross but I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. Good luck to all who are trying to quit picking and eating.
2 Answers
June 26, 2012
have u told ur psychiatrist about ur picking? they can help!!! I've been picking for as long as i can remember- and that's way back when i was single digits! put about a capful of tea tree oil in ur shampoo( i know it smells awful but trust me it works!!) and the scabs on ur head will heal much faster- i pick at my scalp too but the tea tree oil prevents the scabbing(so u cant pick at it anymore) and infection so i use it all the time. try cutting down on ur sugar and caffeine intake and u will be amazed at how much better u will feel and the urge to pick will almost completely go away!
June 27, 2012

In reply to by squeezepickscar

Thanks so much for the tip and for your post. I haven't told my doc about it but I am going to tell him when I see him in August. Hopefully it will be gone by then but it's driving me nuts right now. I feel as though my skin is crawling. I know having a lot of anxiety such as I do doesn't help and just adds to the problem. I even find myself picking in my sleep but I want to stop because it is really bothering me. I have been doing this all my life and have scars all over my body because of it. Thanks again for your post and the tip on the tea tree oil. I will cut down on the caffeine and sugar. I need to cut down on the sugar anyway and caffeine only makes me more jumpy. Thanks again.

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