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Picking Scabs

White Stretchy Plugs

September 03, 2014

Hi, this makes me want to look for some lol! I think I saw this being discussed in another topic, have a look for one called "whats underneath your scab" and I think the other was something like "does anyone know what im talking about because I have no idea" x

September 19, 2014

You are correct that is the other post about these plugs. I think I know what they are and I'll tell you how I've "cured" them using De La Cruz sulfur ointment. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I believe these plugs are glands that supply the skin with oil. They're firmly rooted to the flesh deep beneath the upper layers of skin so that's why the spot bleeds when they are pulled out. I found that if I remove all the plugs that I see (or feel) and then treat it with sulfur ointment, the wound will quickly dry up. It's just a matter of not picking the scab for about 24-48 hours during the healing. I know how hard it is to resist but believe me it works./// For me, these glands move toward the surface when there is a break in the skin that is usually caused by a pimple. Since we are pickers, we can't resist popping pimples and removing everything inside them. The irony is that these plugs are beneath the pimple and belong where we see them. Picking them out only makes it worse by allowing us to see more of them. By making the wound larger, we have access to even more and it can take months to heal./// I've tried just about everything and only the sulfur ointment has worked for me. If I get a pimple, I treat it several times with the ointment for a day or so and it simply goes away. I used to pop it and clean it out but that's exactly how the glands get to the surface. Not only does the ointment dry up the pimple but I've found that after a couple of days I can very carefully remove the dried layers of skin and sometimes even remove the dried up gland. It comes out with little resistance and looks like a dried up and deflated core!

August 19, 2016

It's DEMODEX!!! I spent the last 3 damn years figuring this skin infection issue out!! I saw the dermatologist that diagnosed me with papulopustular rosacea. I then researched this and found out about demodex which is a likely cause! These are lil white plugs that if picked at turn into scabs. Underneath the scab is demodex. sometimes one larger one and sometimes MANY small ones. There are 2 kinds that live on your face. They look like lil white black heads but aren't and they itch and you feel the need to scratch and pick. This is an over infestation of these creepy crawlies that live in our skin ...every month or so u end up with a breakout but otherwise skin is healthy. If you try to pop them they get worse. I found plucking them with tweezers helps but takes a long time and your face will look like shit! However, they don't go away til every last plug (or demodex) is gone. The CURE!! Dun dun dun..... TEA TReE OIL!!! Buy shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, and 100% tea tree oil.. please look up the correct ways of using tea tree oil because that is very important. I am doing my treatment as we speak and the last few weeks my face has been sore red and peeling. This is a good thing because it's like Lazer treatment getting rid of that old yukky skin and regenerating new fresh skin! This helps bring them to the surface so you can kill them with 100% tea tree oil when they are doused in it. So it helps bring to surface and then kill them. I would recommend using 100% directly on the breakout (after removing the scab) so that it gets them good. Also, after using 100% on breakouts i use rose water and witch hazel to further help dilute the tea tree and sooth my face. I wish you all luck!!! My face is getting better every day and the best part ....even though it still hurts is that the tea tree and the peeling skin helps get rid of the scarring from previous breakouts!

August 19, 2016

Also I heard that sulfure treatments help too! However, if it is demodex sulfure will prob only help with any puss from squeezing and irritation--It won't kill them gone! The only thing that is effective is 100% alcohol or tea tree oil! ;)

August 25, 2016

May also be morgellons. You wouldn't be able to pull the oil gland out.

September 10, 2016

I had one that ( your correct) even with hemisyats you count remove

September 15, 2016

I also have these white stretchy plugs. I've been paying closer attention to them now. I've had this problem for aprox 15 years. I'm so tired of it. It's humiliating I finally broke down and took photos with my iPhone after I found a large one on my upper arm. It looks like these plugs are something with suction cups on them. I have also noticed they come out white and seem to "die" harden after being in my skin. They dry up about 45 minutes after being pulled out of my skin. has anyone else noticed this?

September 15, 2016

I've been to a couple of dermatologist with no help. One told me I was basically crazy and have morgellans the other just said your doing this to yourself stop picking. These things are extremely painful. I need help I have tried the fungus approach and no results tea tree oil was no help either. I can't wear short sleeve shirts without people staring.

October 04, 2016

Ok I've tried this and I'm posting a copy of what I posted to another site since I couldn't copy and paste what I typed.

October 23, 2016

Has anyone come across aquired perferating dermatosis?? I started developing these white plugs around the time I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Hormone replacement therapy caused me to start breaking out and the white plugs and sores that last for months appeared. However, any kind of skin trauma that I receive (bug bites, ingrown hairs, scrapes, etc.) prompt the plugs to appear. I've been under dermatological care for over five years and I've been told the same things everybody else has: stop picking, just leave them alone and they will heal, it might seem a little unusual but it's not unheard of, etc. i've had two biopsies and the only results were lichen simplex cronicitus(the result of excess sctatching). Honestly, I believe the dermatologists gave up on me a long time ago and don't take me seriously at all. They even referred me to a psychiatrist and I obliged, but they never made the effort to follow up. I've treated these just like everybody else with everything but the kitchen sink. I've tried: Teatree oil, antifungal cream's, dandruff shampoo, clove oil, calamine lotion, aloe, Vicks vapor rub, sulfur, psoriasis cream's, Coconut oil, salt, bleach baths, hydrogen peroxide, herbal supplements, A multitude of vitamins, vitamins, high doses of vitamin C, MSM, Neosporin, benzol peroxide, salicylic acid, hydrocolloid bandages, iodine, Betadine, baking soda compresses in scrubs, doxycycline, rubbing alcohol, minocycline, thuja(oral and topical), retin-a, Apple cider vinegar, Manuka honey patches, steroid injections, hydrocortisone cream, and even urine(out of sheer desperation)! There of been things that seem to work for a little while and stop things that don't work at all and things that exacerbate the problem. The few things that help are: bleach baths about three times a week, calamine lotion mixed with iodine left on overnight, hydrocolloid bandages, vicks vapor rub and alcohol and urine. The trick for me is to stay well hydrated and to dry them out without trying out the scab. That's a pretty tricky thing to do. By staying hydrated helps the body push the plugs out and using a drying agent helps to shrink them down and keeping the scab low and somewhat moist allows it bit by bit to push the plugs out. If the scab gets too thick it gets completely trapped. Though in order to do it by this method it requires daily maintenance to each scab peeling off that only dead portions that are not attached to any healthy skin that could possibly be removed with the scab. If the sore is opened up it re-inflames everything all over again. And I agree with your previous poster that they dry up very quickly once they are removed if you just go in and dig for the plug(which I do if they hurt really bad). What ihave noticed my observations is that it only affects traumatized skin. So if you have one and while digging around for it you hurt the skin around it then more plugs form. And again if it all during any point messing with them the skin is reopened it causes all of the plugs to re-inflame. It also seems that no matter what is done they still need to run their full course which is usually anywhere from 2 to 3 months for me per lesion. Now back to the pee; from what I understand human urine has about 5% uriac acid, more or less. Scientists a while back have created a synthetic uriac acid which I've been able to find in some employment type foot creams. This coupled with bleach baths have been so far the cleanest and most effective treatment for me. The uriac acid helps to break down the material and keep down the inflammation of the plugs whilst sloughing off the excess of the scab and keeping it moist enough to allow the plug to be eliminated(eventually). Back to acquired perforating dermatosis a.k.a. acquired perforating collagenous. This is something that I encourage everyone to look up and possibly talk with your doctor about. I recently lost health insurance and cannot afford to go back to the dermatologist and honestly I've been so jaded with healthcare professionals that I cringe at the idea of having to talk with them about this again! With acquired perforating dermatosis lesions form abnormal amounts of kerototic material with a Central adherent plug. they're usually very itchy but not painful. Lesions self improve after three months generally. There is no cure and no set treatment, but they have found some things that work: allopurnol, oral and topical retinoids, UVB treatments, doxycycline, high doses of vitamin A-to name a few. What I can tell you guys for sure is that I do not have morgellons, I do not have ringworm, I do not have parasites, I do not have molluscum contagiosum, I do not have a neurotic picking disorder, but what I do you have is destroying me from the outside in and the inside out. I sincerely hope that somebody is able to figure this out. I, like you, have run across post after post after post on many different websites pertaining to this. Yet, not one single person has an answer. Some people of had this problem for a year or two, some people of had it for 25 years. I know myself, I can't imagine living with this for one more year much less 20 more....

October 23, 2016

*emollient foot creams

October 25, 2016

Frustratedandfe..., thank you for sharing! I desperately suffer from the same condition. Do you think that might be fungal? Recently I found information on Pityrosporum (Malassezia) folliculitis, describing something similar: Splendore-Hoeppli phenomenon in Pityrosporum folliculitis (pseudoactinomycosis of the skin) And more: “Involved follicles are dilated and often plugged with keratinous material and debris. There is a mild chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate around the infundibular portion of the follicle. Intrafollicular deposits of mucin are sometimes present. If serial sections are examined, disruption of the follicular epithelium is sometimes found, with basophilic granular debris, keratinous material, neutrophils, and other inflammatory cells in the perifollicular dermis . A few foreign-body giant cells may also be present when rupture of the follicle has occurred. A PAS or silver methenamine stain will reveal spherical to oval yeast-like organisms, 2–4 µm in diameter. These organisms are sometimes budding. They are found most often in the follicle, but following rupture they can also be found in the perifollicular inflammatory exudate. Sometimes a few hyphae can also be seen. Pseudoactinomycotic granules have been reported in two cases.” Its and abstract from Pityrosporum (Malassezia) folliculitis description from here:

January 26, 2017

They are a type of wart it took me 2 years and a variety of doctors to figure it out but finally got a dermatologist that knew what they were and he froze one off me. I did not believe him until it fell off and it looked like a jellyfish. And the white spots are spikes under the skin that feed the wart. I had a total of around 15 removed from my arms and legs. Every time you pick at them and then pick at another regular cut or scratch you spread them all over. They are as my doctor says very contagious little ugly buggers

November 11, 2016

I have never posted anything online, but felt I need to here because I have suffered with the same issues. I believe what I have is caused by a wart virus that most doctors have not yet seen. These scabs and sores act like warts in that they will heal if they are smothered. I think that the white plugs are some sort of root and that when picked, they are opened and revived again. I believe this because I have read a ridiculous number of posts and everyone has tried everything for staph, fungi, and bacteria. Viruses will not respond to any of those treatments. I have been using Manuka Oil on my face for about one week and almost every one of my scabs/sores are gone. I wish I had before and after pictures to share with you. The Manuka Oil dries these things up AS LONG AS YOU DON'T PICK and you will want to. The Manuka Oil makes them perfect for picking!! I had 3 deep sores that are still healing after a full week of using the oil. These white plugs actually came out after using the oil. I've seen them on my fingertips when putting the oil on my face. My face has not looked this good in years. Every day I would warm my face with a washcloth and put the Manuka Oil on the affected areas. I did this several times a day when I could. I hope it does wonders for you too!

December 07, 2016

I don't know what you have pal. I had some big problems with skin but not like yours. I have read a lot of posts about skin stuff and maybe you will find about your disease here but I don't promise they have some cure or 100% answer for you. At least it's something I can offer for you

December 12, 2016

I discovered that these white stretchy plugs are hair follicles. I have loads of photos of them, and they are bursting with sebum, but soon dry up when they have been pulled out.

January 24, 2017

I am looking for posts of people with these symptoms and posting my answer in hopes it can help some of you. Discoid lupus! I finally got diagnosed and have started Plaquenil and high SPF sunblock every day. It has been a life saver! Blood work was done and showed a positive ANA. Cascade test done and showed the lupus. It isn't bugs, fungus, yeast, aliens, mental illness,'s an autoimmune disease with a treatment!

February 12, 2017

So I've been dealing with this for over 20 years. A few days ago I googled staph infections and saw pics with the exact same plugs. I was astonished. and Hibiclens was the cure. Even for MRSA. Could I have had a low grade stash infection for this long? Or was I reinfecting myself routinely? At this point, I didn't care, I just wanted it to end. I got Hibiclens from CVS, dampened my face with warm water and then massaged Hibiclens into my face for a few mins. And then I left it on there for another 10 mins. Then I used a towel doused in warm water to wipe it off. Once my face was completely dry, all my previous open sores where I had picked were getting tight and drying up. Even if they still had plugs in them. My face looked better than it had in years! I researched more & began washing my sheets and pillow cases daily with bleach, and I only used towels one time before washing them. I'm on day 4 and only change my pillow cases daily, and my skin is so soft and 99% CLEAR. My dumbass dermatologists put me on all kinds of crap, and I was just about to start accutane -- and I fixed my life-long acne problem myself for $12. Just to be in the safe side, I also smeared a little neosporin in my nostrils, which is where staph colonizes. I didn't want to risk reinfection & I wanted to kill it all. Just give Hibiclens a try. I honestly changed my life.

February 12, 2017

I agree that hibiclens helps. I thought i had a cyst on my chin but once it started draining it turned way worse. I've been using hibiclens and antibiotic ointment on it. I know realize I've probably bern creating these infections myself by squeezing and digging into them. Warm moist heat will help draw eveything to the surface. Just be sure to not reuse anything! My chin is already looking way better. Woke up with it a little crusty again but the area doesn't feel warm anymore

February 19, 2017

It's been 6 months since I posted here. I initially recommended using tea tree oil but I found it is very harsh for your skin. I have the same skin issues (I think) as others mention. Skin issues that I have been dealing with for almost 4 years. It starts with a little bump, then it gets painful, hot, and even caused headaches. When I try to pop them they grow bigger and scab. Underneath the scab is little while cluster of plugs. My dermatologist has told me this is demodex infestation. I am currently taking acutane to "cure" these. I have tried so many soaps, ointments, tetracycline...someone mentioned staph and yes they easily turn to staph for me as well (as a secondary infection). Anyway, my point is that nothing has 100% worked except acutane. I am on month 4 and I am so glad my dermatologist recommended it to me. It has been hard because I had an initial bad breakout ( as most people on acutane do), but so worth it. My skin has improved 85% overall and climbing (as I still get a few here and there but not as painful and go away a lot quicker). The acutane works over time by shrinking pores and bringing all that yukky stuff to the surface. It's a slow but effective way to treat this. For anyone who is determined to cure this condition just do acutane. Just make sure you follow the directions and check in with your dr every month. It cures over 300 different skin conditions. Good luck to you all! :)

March 26, 2017

For me, the white rubbery plugs were a symptom of malassezia (pitysporum) folliculitis. Basically, a fancy word for fungal acne. They caused me anxiety for years and I was using needles to extract them before I learned that the condition is caused by my skin's reaction to a fungus (a yeast, actually, which is a subcategory of fungus). I did a lot of research and realized I can manage the symptoms by avoiding hot, humid conditions and oily skin products. The yeast feeds on the oils in human skin and loves hot, humid environments. I stopped using any skincare products with oils and started ventilating the room where I sleep. I also wash my face once or twice a day with a face wash containing sulfur. (I eventually got a prescription for ketaconozole, but found it wasn't necessary if I managed heat, humidity, and oil.) My skin is now basically normal, but the symptoms come back if I stay in a hot, humid environment for more than a couple of hours. For me, the main culprit was the hot, humid air in my unventelated room at night while I was sleeping. I Hope this helps someone! This was incredibly frustrating for me for a long time. I probably saw four doctors before one of them suggested I had sebhorric dermatitis, which led me to discover that malassezia was my antagonist.

April 21, 2017

I wished someone really had the answer for this condition!!! It's aggravating!!! It's not morgelleans it's not fungal it's not acne I think it's warts!!! All these different posts with all the same symptoms and nobody can get it right!!! Or maybe doctors just don't care and want to rush you out of the office and not deal with this problem.

April 21, 2017

I've used it all I have this condition almost 20 years!!! I am now using the apple cider vinegar and showing results but it's painful.

May 12, 2017

I experience the same. I was diagnosed with Purigo Nodularis - no test to confirm, no treatment - guess served with a side of hopelessness. Sometimes I was also served with gut-wretching blame from doctors. Many blood tests -mostly normal, but I am deficient of immune components c3, c4, and mannose binding lectin. Not auto-immune, but immune deficiency. History with Staph and Vancomyocin. Over the past 2-3 years, I have found other non-diagnosable diseases that seem similar. I just found Kyrle Disease. No idea if that is it - another undiagnoseable disease. I have researched many of the above conditions: a form of herpes, thyroid, genetic, infections, staph, candida, morgellons, rheumatoid, blah, blah, blah - the list can go on forever. It's difficult to feel going through this - and research often leads me to feeling even more lost. For every disease, there has always been a time when doctors could not diagnose. I am starting to think that this - thing - is more evolved than the medical community. I have tried alternative treatments, supplements,etc. That's what happens when doctors/treatments fail us. Right now, I find duct tape on a thick wound to do wonders. Just ordered Lemon balm and L-lysine. May just go into my drawer with all the other things I have tried. You can find people all over the web with similar symptoms. You have to google different things - but there are many of us out there. We are all over the world. I am yet to find an actual diagnosis in any of these blogs. Here is what I am proposing - we join together to submit an entry into Crowdmed - a website for medical mysteries. However, being that there appears to be no test for this/us, this may not lead anywhere. We could compile a list of our symptoms and experiences and submit to the CDC in order to push further testing. We could have a documentary made that brings some light to issue. What do you think?

May 15, 2017

I totally agree we need help with this problem. Nobody understands unless they suffer from this problem. I get so angry about it. There are to many people with the same problems and no one can figure it out or dr says we've done this to ourselves. Ugh HELP

May 17, 2017

Just put hydrocolloid dressing on it until it heals. It took me 3 days only, without leaving a scar. If a scar formed, use vitamin e/rose hip oil and apply on heard wound every night. You'll see amazing results!! Hope this helps xx

May 17, 2017 you not get the plugs or whatever they can be described as?

May 19, 2017

Hi, yes I do have the white-ish stretchy plugs, exactly the same as all mentioned above. But once it forms an open wound, I would quickly put on the hydrocolloid dressing. And later it heals by itself. I guess this trick works for me. I tried to pick it once but I failed to get the whole 'white plug' out.

May 19, 2017

I use the DuoDerm patches (i buy the 4x4 and cut shape as needed)....but the white plugs will not disappear without having to take them out. Grrrrrrr.

July 03, 2017

I found out what these are! Sebaceous hyperplasia

July 03, 2017 did you find out it's SH? Do you have an explanation of how it works to produce the plugs and why they're difficult to get rid of? What are tou dpint to deal with yours....could be helpful to us. q

July 03, 2017

I was diagnosed by my dermatologist. My condition presents exactly as you all describe. At first I thought it was acne, but nothing over the counter made any difference. And they never really came to a head like a normal pimple. My derm said SH is common as we get older- 40 plus. Linked to hormones. Sebaceous glands are highly androgen sensitive, and, although the number of sebaceous glands remains approximately the same throughout life, their activity and size vary according to age and circulating hormone levels. the white stretchy plug things are the damaged overgrown oil gland material. that's why the spot doesn't clear up until you get all those damaged plugs out. it is not any type of acne. It is overgrown and damaged oil glands. I have been on Spironolactone for about a month and it completely cleared mine up. But I can't stay on that forever, so at my next apppointment we will talk about long term options. there is no cure. there are some other interventions to get rid of them like lasers, etc. but no real way of preventing new ones. The spironolactone in as androgen inhibitor-- my face had gotten so oily since I turned 40. now I am old free and like I said, cleared up the SH in less than a month!

July 03, 2017

I've literally picked them out. I have both milia and SH. When the SH gets a little white head milia thingie (for lack of medical term)...its like an iceberg with a whole lotta hell underneath. Some products will shrivel the little ones, others do nadda. I'm 62 and have been dealing with this for 7 years....and have made long scars all over my face because those areas are constantly inflamed. The part I dont get is that it sort of makes a border of those plugs and continues is it also inflammatory response and not only hormonal? I don't know how a diuretic is helpful....will look into it. Thanks for the response.

July 03, 2017

Spironolactone is an anti-androgen, not just a diuretic. it is commonly used to treat acne and other conditions. and yes-- it is inflamed / enlarged oil glands. the oil glands get filled up with dead cells and grow to 10 times their normal size. that's why when people pick them out, the sores heal. but if you don't pick at them in the first place they are usually no bother. they can't be "popped" like a pimple. you can't pop the inflamed oil gland out of your skin. but if it comes up the surface it is possible to pluck out with tweezers. a dermatologist can zap them with an electric needle with minimal scarring/

July 04, 2017

I call SH as sebaceous glands gone Hulk i have to do more research over and above to get the right wording to get the answers I need. I'll look into the spironolactone research as well. Thanks...

July 05, 2017

Also to long is the plan for you to be on the spiro?

July 06, 2017

I started out with 50 mg spiro in the morning and 50 mg at night and it cleared up my skin in 2 weeks! Skin stayed completely clear at that dosage for 2 months. Unfortunately it also lowered my blood pressure to 80/50, so I had to cut back on it. I then tried 25 mg in morning and 25 mg at night but my skin got progressively worse over the course of a month and was back to pre-spiro shape within that time. I am now trying 50 mg at night only. that seems to be doing better than splitting it up between a morning and night does. and taking it at night i am not getting the headaches i was getting when I was doing a morning and night does at 50 mg. I have only been doing this dosing schedule for about a week and my skin is already clearing up. I have an appt in a few weeks to check in and talk more about how long i can stay on it and what to do after that. i can keep you posted if that helps. I also get milia and other acne like bumps, and have found that for cycstic type bumps-- the ones that are big and red and painful but never really come to a head and pop-- that putting some sulfur on them for like 15 minutes and then washing it off makes them go down within 1-2 applications of the sulfur. it's amazing stuff! I am also looking into natural rememdies like pepermint oil, etc to see if something like that might be a longer term solution....

July 07, 2017

Interesting....definitely keep me posted!

July 07, 2017

Interesting....definitely keep me posted!

July 07, 2017

Hi...have no idea how I posted twice, and the rest of my response didn't. I can't even imagine blood pressure that low! I think I'd be comatose, lol. Did you have blood tests for androgen levels? I have some Bye Bye Blemish...the wash is nice, and the topical drying stuff has sulphur and zinc in it. It has helped some, but certainly not stopping the plugs from forming. I still think it has something to do with inflammatory response since it creeps outward for some of the lestions and not all. It's a frustrating process, but options have me excited about it. I've just started on a calcium channel blocker for blood pressure in conjunction with micardis....maybe a future med could be the spiro in place of the calcium blocker. The duo purpose could be a nice help. What sulphur product do you use? q

July 09, 2017

These plugs are just sebacious filaments. Look closely at the tip of your nose. Do you see small, pin-like dots that resemble blackheads? If the dots are quite dark, then what you’re looking at are most likely blackheads, but if they have a more clear-ish flesh tone, or gray or yellow tinge, what you’re seeing are likely sebaceous filaments. Another difference is that blackheads have a plug-like appearance when extracted, whereas sebaceous filaments more closely resemble a free-flowing column of wax-like sebum (sort of like a strand) as they are squeezed out. How do they get there in the first place? How Sebaceous Filaments Form Sebaceous filaments are naturally occurring hair-like formations that channel the flow of oil along the lining of the pore in which they lie (Archives of Dermatological Research, 1976). It’s a natural part of skin’s follicle (pore) structure and everyone has them. However, if your skin is oily or if your pores are large and prone to becoming clogged, you’re more likely to notice them. A sebaceous filament becomes visible as the lining of your pore fills up with sebum. A sebaceous filament may or may not turn into a blackhead—the critical determining factor is whether or not the sebum in the pore lining becomes exposed to oxygen (thereby oxidizing into a blackhead). So, how can you reduce the likelihood of sebaceous filaments forming and, if they do form, how can you minimize their appearance? How to Treat Sebaceous Filaments Truth be told, you can never fully eradicate sebaceous filaments. Even when they are extracted, they refill shortly thereafter—around 30 days or less for those with very oily skin (Archives of Dermatological Research, 1976). In reality, they aren’t a bad thing, and chances are no one other than you and your magnifying mirror notice them anyway. Nevertheless, if sebaceous filaments bother you and you want to make them less noticeable, regular use of a BHA exfoliant can potentially help because BHA is oil-soluble and, hence, can dissolve sebum and other substances in the pore lining. Because a BHA exfoliant helps normalize the collection of these substances, BHAs can help reduce the probability that a sebaceous filament will lead to a blackhead. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s the best way to stack the odds in your favor. Also, occasional use of a well-formulated clay mask may help due to the clay’s drawing action and oil-absorbing properties. And, a good skincare routine that begins and ends with a water-soluble cleanser is always a smart idea, whether you have sebaceous filaments or no

July 11, 2017

Yes! This is what I extract everyday. They never go away! I can push the teeny dots ( the size of a pin head) out, or pull the out stretchy "string" w/ tweezers or a sewing needle. The next day or the day after there they are again. If you have a scab or flakey like scab and pull it off, sometimes they are attached underneath. Like a blackhead strip looked like when you pull it off. ( but it's a clearish white, more white ). It's satisfying seeing them being removed any way you do it. This is mostly my chin area. On my nose they are larger and more yellow. Not the same thing I don't think but if I push and squeeze it's a guarantee both will be come out. The thing is, until they both stop existing on my face, I won't be happy. As a result, of what most likely sebum I can see, I will pick, push or squeeze other things on my face. I do it to " make " the rest of my face look good at least. Bottom line, In my mind they should not be there. Not I. Every third pore at least.

July 09, 2017

No...not sebaceous filaments. Not like a strand.

July 22, 2017

I've found an interesting article. Might be related to our problem. "Herpetic Folliculitis and Syringitis Simulating Acne Excoriee We describe the case of a 46-year-old woman with a long standing history of acne excoriee, confirmed by several dermatologists, that finally was unmasked as herpetic fol- liculitis and syringitis. Report of a Case. A 46-year-old, white, nonatopic woman who had not suffered from severe acne vulgaris in puberty developed acneiform lesions on her face at age 25 years. Subjective symptoms like palpitation, burning, and itch- ing made her pick and squeeze these lesions. Numerous recurrences over the next 20 years led to considerable scar formation. The “acne lesions” had resisted the acne treat- ment advised by several dermatologists. Because of her skin lesions, she was in deteriorating psychological condition that seemed to support a diagnosis of acne excoriee. When treatment for acne was again ineffective, a 5-mm punch biopsy was performed on demand of the patient. Serological testing by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay detected IgM and IgG antibodies to HSV. Comment. Over a period of 20 years, our patient suffered from recurrent episodes of acneiform lesions on the face clinically resembling acne excoriee. Herpesvirus folliculitis and syringitis was diagnosed only by histopathologic examination. The diagnosis of HSV infection was confirmed by polymerase chain reaction amplification of HSV DNA, by detection of HSV-specific antibodies using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, and by the positive response to antiviral therapy with valacyclovir. In herpesvirus infection of the skin, the histopathologic changes are often limited to the epidermis. Remarkably, the involvement of the follicular epithelia (herpetic folliculitis) and the sebaceous and eccrine structures (herpetic syringitis) is only rarely reported in the literature. In conclusion, herpetic folliculitis and syringitis should be considered relevant differential diagnoses in patients with acneiform lesions that fail to respond to conventional acne treatment."

July 30, 2017

I get these stretchy white plugs all the time!! I have tried acne meds, facial cleansers, all different kinds of creams and ointments, heat, ice, scrubs, wax, even weird random things. I pull them out with surgical tweezers, and they are hard to grab but until I get the plug out it feels like a shard of glass under my skin. If I don't get it out It basically stays an open sore until that plug comes out... or if you let it run it's life cycle it dies in about 2 or 3 weeks, then the wound will finally heal. Sometimes these things are huge! I have done so much research on everything to do with any symptoms of this stretchy white plug phenomenon. The personal conclusion that I have come to is that it is Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis. They are face mites and very much alive. I knew it had to be something alive because when I try to pluck the damn things out, they can be sticking way far out and then when they touch the tweezers they go deeper into the skin where I can't get to them. If it was a gland or a build up of something it would just stay put, but these freaking things run from tweezers! I have read about these before but dismissed it because of the word "microscopic" and I figured it was something totally different. But nope... Smh. The ones we can pull out are adults, and we can see them. I hate these things with a passion. Supposedly we are supposed to be living in harmony with these things and they don't bother us. UNLESS you get an infestation... Then they get out of control and are everywhere, out mating at night, laying eggs in your pores, and having family bbqs and all you can eat buffets all over your face. (and sometimes your neck, chest, back, shoulders, lips and other spots on your body). I have been living with this bs for years and years and thought it was normal and that there was just nothing I could do about it. I read that tea tree oil will kill them and I ordered some online but until that comes in I won't know. What I did do after coming to this conclusion last week was get metronidazole gel (the kind of gel you use for bacterial infections in the vagina...eww but yeah) You can get it at the store. I washed my face and then I put it all over my face and let it dry. Then I used my nails and kind of scratched down my face and rubbed my face like when you exfoliate. These things started coming out of my face! It was really really weird. I think only the ones close to the surface were coming out and not the full grown adults that are deeper in, but hey you gotta start somewhere. I have always had tons of these little bumps under my eyes and on my upper chin right under my lip. I thought it was just something that happens with your skin that everyone has... Apparently not because when I scratched with my nails all the little bumps were coming out! Honestly my skin has never been softer in my entire life and the scaley bumps under my eyes are gone... I thought I was dreaming. BUT now my face broke out because I think this gel pissed off the adults and they all started coming to the surface and my face is pretty sore. It's healing but time will tell I guess. I think it's worth a sore face to get rid of alot of those annoying things at least to bring the population down to an average status. I'm not sure that this gel is reaching the adults, but I'm going to keep using it until the tea tree oil comes in and I can see what happens with that. I just want beautiful skin... and now I'm FINALLY heading that way after all these years and to be honest I'm pretty pumped.

October 01, 2017

Model Citizen, I have had exactly the same issues as you. I have read all the other experiences and have exhibited some of the symptoms described. I have now confirmed to myself that I have a Demodex infestation. Due to this infestation it may be possible that I am also suffering from additional skin issues, but i'm concentrating on the Demodex and hope anything else will get better. I want to thank everybody on here for sharing their problems, it was through your descriptions of symptoms, issues with medical advice and prescribed treatments that either didn't or only partially worked. About 6 months ago i noticed the white bumps that would not squeeze out on my nose initially. After extracting the long white plugs over around a week, i had dug a hole so deep on my nose i thought i was almost through to the nasal passage! My doctor diagnosed adult acne and an infection due to picking. I was given antibiotic gel. At this stage i was aware of the myriad of skin issues and was not convinced by the diagnosis, especially as the lesions i was generating by extracting the white plugs were now all over my face. I was using about 6 different creams, fungal, antibiotic, acne, antiseptic, light face cream i dosed with tea tree and 100% tea tree oil. i was also using tea tree shampoo and face wash. My normal daily routine/life went out the window as i was spending on average 6hrs a day picking!!!! Worse of all my regime wasn't having a significant effect on my problem, things were getting worse in fact. Further research on the net took me to a site, National Rosacea Society that covered Demodex backed up with with scientific evidence, so now i was 100% convinced that this was my problem. The inspection glass i had been using to inspect the white plugs was not strong enough to define the mites and even in my mind, i didn,t want it to be true, the though of these hideous creatures burrowing into my face and infesting my life was abhorrent and i knew if i went again to my doctor with inconclusive evidence, i would be dismissed with the same diagnosis and probably labelled in the doctors mind as a neurotic! In the last week or so i had noticed some small clear blisters just inside my nasal passage which i put down to a cold sore as i was by now very stressed and run down, i then developed a full blown cold sore on my lip. so you can imagine my state of mind and well sores and scabs on my nose and chin and a large cold sore covering almost half of my bottom lip! It couldn,t go on! I bought a cheap microscope from the net, that connected direct to my laptop. It arrived about 3 days later and i had to spend almost all night getting the thing to connect to my laptop. Eventually it worked! I set up a sort of laboratory in my kitchen next to the sink, took a deep breath and started picking and collecting samples, transferring them from my tweezers onto a small round magnifying mirror. Anybody else who has done this will know that they stick like glue to the tweezers and i had to poke and spear them with a pin to get them off. When i saw in full screen colour what i had collected i was physically sick! It took me some time to recover, i sort of 'switched off' The microscope allowed me to take pictures, however after having left them for some time, they had dried up into vague shapes and i also though i had damaged them during the transfer. Something reminded me of a Chinese doctor i watched on youtube collecting Demodex from eyelashes and dropping them into alcohol. So i cleaned the mirror of my now 'crispy' collection and poured some vodka onto it and started again. this time, as soon as i dipped the tweezers in the vodka, they dropped off instantly and there on the screen was the squirming shape of the mites. I was sick again!!! I could clearly see now that i was not pulling out one mite, but numerous mites all attached to 'something' including eggs from one white dot. This meant there were 100's possibly thousands of them on my face and body! T then put the microscope directly onto my face and was horrified at what i saw, they were even squirming about in my cold sore. I made an emergency appointment at the doctors and armed with my lap top containing all the pictures i took, saw a doctor. Not my normal doctor, but when she saw the pictures and asked incredulously if they were from my skin, she believed me. She had never heard of Demodex and did a quick bit of research. She prescribed Permethrin 5% cream and advised to follow the instructions for 'scabies' as she didn't know what else to do, but was going to research the issue herself. I also purchased ready made tea tree cream from the Pharmacy. At this point I had now been awake for 24hrs! and it was only 11am, i felt like a zombie on autopilot. I decided not to apply the prescribed cream until i had totally decontaminated my bedroom, including throwing out my matress, but i did apply the tea tree cream to my face to sooth the sores and tightening scabs. As i started to clear and disinfect my kitchen lab, i had a strange sensation on my face, looking in the magnifying mirror i could see the mites dropping off like dandruff!!!!! I'm currently sleeping on my sofa waiting for my new mattress to arrive, ive used the prescription cream, i shower every day in tea tree products and wash my bedding every day. I'm not totally cured 3, but the dropping off sensations have reduced dramatically. My conclusions are, only a correct dilution of tea tree products will work, too strong makes it worse, not strong enough has little effect on my level of infestation. so i am researching what concentration works best and i intend to make my own products by dosing with 100% tea tree oil. Including a spray for my bedding and around the house just in case. I hope this helps some of you, as your experiences have helped me. Apologies for the length of my comment.

October 08, 2017

@Frustratedandfe... I Have the sane problem. I'm in ontario so cal.if you send a lot of time outside or have a large garden it can be cunning from thee trees. I knife in kansas they are oak mites. No cure. And they may be causing lyken an immune defficiency thats could possibly be triggered from allergies to the mite bited and which is why your skin won't heal. Try hair skin and nail vitamins Taking allergy pills likeallegra and claritin help with the itch and inflammation. These things are said to die after some time but they travel in tree wind and I noticed my park down the st has them now. You will notice that certain furniture outside on your pourch makes u itchy if you sot on it and if your trees are dying then it's just a matter of time before your caught n a shower and your covered from head to toe. These things are like scabies if you are allergic to them. They are common around summer thru fall yo winter. I have done my research and doctors keep calling me crazy but I work with animals and I have been bitten by many things. I am also allergic to certain bites. Stay inside. Pit you're clothes and linen in the dryer on high Clorox bleach wipe ur home. After the season is over I suggest a steroid shot. I have gotten the scabies shot and I have takes a series and after each the symptoms went away and my wounds began to heal. Stay hydrated. Also doses of vinager morning and night kill expel and ward them off. My dog has them and everyone that I live with has them but due to my allergies and my hypo allergenic dog, our symptoms are more severe. You may notice gnats around your home and stray animals. Get rid of them. You're doing everything right when the body is in lack of something it will tell the mind what you need and naturally you will self medicate. Hot showers wash and weinse from head to toe don't forget the toe and the tea tree works too it doesn't always kill them but it makes them run away. Don't re use towels and dry with 2 separate towels also don't scrub too hard and elongate your shower by about 15 minutes to open your pores because they burry in your skin.dont scratch because they dig deeper and eventually will lay eggs. Only the females travel and they dig into whatever they land on.

October 08, 2017

@Frustratedandfe... I Have the sane problem. I'm in ontario so cal.if you send a lot of time outside or have a large garden it can be cunning from thee trees. I knife in kansas they are oak mites. No cure. And they may be causing lyken an immune defficiency thats could possibly be triggered from allergies to the mite bited and which is why your skin won't heal. Try hair skin and nail vitamins Taking allergy pills likeallegra and claritin help with the itch and inflammation. These things are said to die after some time but they travel in tree wind and I noticed my park down the st has them now. You will notice that certain furniture outside on your pourch makes u itchy if you sot on it and if your trees are dying then it's just a matter of time before your caught n a shower and your covered from head to toe. These things are like scabies if you are allergic to them. They are common around summer thru fall yo winter. I have done my research and doctors keep calling me crazy but I work with animals and I have been bitten by many things. I am also allergic to certain bites. Stay inside. Pit you're clothes and linen in the dryer on high Clorox bleach wipe ur home. After the season is over I suggest a steroid shot. I have gotten the scabies shot and I have takes a series and after each the symptoms went away and my wounds began to heal. Stay hydrated. Also doses of vinager morning and night kill expel and ward them off. My dog has them and everyone that I live with has them but due to my allergies and my hypo allergenic dog, our symptoms are more severe. You may notice gnats around your home and stray animals. Get rid of them. You're doing everything right when the body is in lack of something it will tell the mind what you need and naturally you will self medicate. Hot showers wash and weinse from head to toe don't forget the toe and the tea tree works too it doesn't always kill them but it makes them run away. Don't re use towels and dry with 2 separate towels also don't scrub too hard and elongate your shower by about 15 minutes to open your pores because they burry in your skin.dont scratch because they dig deeper and eventually will lay eggs. Only the females travel and they dig into whatever they land on.

October 13, 2017

Finally figured out how to kill those plugs.seems to be working for me. I was treated by a doctor for bacterial to no avail. It is a fungus and after trying everything under the sun i took and sprayed hydrogen peroxide on them every 5 mins. For about 20 min.First time I ripped the scabs off and sprayed them ,stung like hell.I let it dry on there and didn't wash it off till the next day.i could see them alot better to pull them out.2nd day i pulled off one scab to see if any were under there .To my supprise NONE. They finally started to heal after a year of trying everything.I noticed a big difference .I spray with the scab on but it sofetens it up, so I daub it with toilet paper.They say peroxide kills healthy cells too but who cares IT WORKS. No more picking for me. Let me know how you make out.I m on day 2 but couldn't wait to share the news.I leave them uncovered for the air to dry them up.Just keep repeating what I said till their gone. Good Luck