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Snowfall , 15 Dec 2016

Blood mask

Laying here wearing a blood mask
covered in my own blood
Smeared all over my face
Thick red blood running down porcelain skin

I fear for my sanity
I fear for my future
All lost dreams in self sabotage

I am Vicious
I am raw
I am so very beautiful
I am what I say I am and
Only I control my hands

2 Answers
January 24, 2017

I did this too.... Wash your face with warm water and an all natural soap, like oatmeal or witch hazel... The warm water opens the pores and rinse with cool water to close them ( cold water also helps stop the bleeding, if that doesn't subside the bleeding cover your face with a cold washcloth that's dark colored so you don't leave blood stains , and press it against the places that are bleeding ) after the blood stops running down your face, rub your face down gently with witch hazel using a cotton ball or cotton face pad ... After that I'll apply palmers olive oil and vitamin e lotion. Another great thing I've used is my own soothing salve . It consists of organic virgin coconut oil, tea tree oil and neem oil. I just put the coconut oil in a small jar or Tupperware container and add a bunch of drops of the tea tree and then a glob of the neem and mix it all together . Also I would suggest getting yourself an aloe plant. Fresh aloe is really good at helping to heal the skin after a skin massacre . I hope this helps your face because it has helped mine. Of course it's unfortunate that it's not an over night miracle cure, but it certainly helps smooth and soothe the skin. Look for the calamine lotion thread on this forum also, I've found do the calamine treatment to help a lot as well. *big hugs* I know it's depressing and hard to go through the day after destroying your face... Trust me! But just try not to look in the mirror if you don't have to... Do the remedies when you can, and remember that your skin will eventually heal if you continue to cleanse , treat and medicate it... And thank god for make up because that helps hide the damage ... Though sometimes even with make up it still looks bad if not worse .... You do the best you can to. Cover it up... Sometimes it takes several tries... I know ive applied make up and see that it's made it worse or stand out more... Or that it gets discoloration or doesn't adhere because of a weeping wound or gaping hole .... So I'll wash it off and start over, or dab it and apply more.... It's a struggle that I am far too familiar with

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