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January 18, 2010

good luck i hope you do it. I hope you continue to not pick after the 30 days as well, if you manage it that far please dont go back :) unfortunately for myself if i don't pick during the day then i only pick in my sleep so it results in much more mess

January 19, 2010

You can do it, new day, new healthy beginning!!! Im with you!

January 24, 2010

It has been a week since I wrote 30 days of zero picking... But every day I did picked on my face and back and on my nails (how can I change the name of the tittle?). During the week I do not pick on my face because I have to go to work and I am embarrassed but I do pick on my nails and back. Also last week it was worse than the prior week, as I had PMS and my world felt much more intense, my addictions to food an picking were bad. I was reading on the subject and it says this habit is a reflection of a turmoil inside... how can I get free from it though? I am getting into a cave more and more, isolated in my house, not talking to anybody, it is horrible. I am scared of getting hold of my responsibilities of organizing my place, organizing my papers and area and of getting out and actually create a life. I dislike my job but I do it anyways, then I come back home to punish myself because of feeling so untrue while doing it. I say things that feel honest and caring to my loved ones, but they seem to dispise how I am and usually get negative feedback on my way of being. I get angry by the fact no one even cares to be honest back, even to call and ask how I am doing because everybody in my family has their own problems and addictions, but it has always been me to care for everybody else. When it comes down to me I see myself doing it alone... why is that? I am starting a just action program and today I wrote my mission which I am going to share below. Also tomorrow I am going for the 1st addiction group and the follow the AA type of program. I am Marilybella, a loving woman and an inspiration of positive energy, authenticity and beauty. My mission is to be a beacon of love, an inspiration of positive energy, beauty and freedom, working with kids and youngsters between ages of 6 -13 yrs old so that they develop self confidence in their capabilities and achieve healing and personal freedom through artistic expression (dancing, singing, painting, music playing, theater, writing).

January 28, 2010

please, read your original post you sounded so confident and positive, if you could just get ack in to that mental state i am sure you can last more than a week this time.