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Lynne , 12 Apr 2008

I need to stop the cycle.

Hey everyone. In new to the forum. I started picking my scalp in 6th grade and got the wonderful nickname MONKEY out of it, and still pick today at 27. I pick at my scalp, any scabs I get, my poor toe has been a giant scab for almost 6 months now. Why cant I just leave it ALONE? honestly i get satisfaction out of the pain to some extent, but its embarassing and unconsious sometimes and I will have my husband point it out to me. I have been quite literally on EVERY ssri on the market, currently on prozac ( I have OCD, Avoident dependant personality disorder, borderline schitzo, and major depressive disorder ) and my therapist says the picking is my way of coping with life. HELP Me find a new way to cope, PLEASE! I just went back to college and the picking has gotten worse and worse. I dont know what to do anymore.
2 Answers
May 27, 2008
Hi. I think there ARE ways to overcome this disorder. Step one is just forcing ourselves to be aware of the habit and asking others to point it out for us, too. We just can't get defensive. We need all the help we can get. Also, it helps to find ways to soothe the "itch" physically and emotionally. Physically: I've found that Neutrogena Coal Tar Shampoo, used morning and night, will stop the scalp from itching and help sores heal faster. Also, I wash and mosturize my face/chest/back as much as possible. Emotionally: You need to find healthy substitues. My favorites are writing, working on a craft, exersising, using a stress ball, or if all else fails, I just pump my hands until the craving goes away. Praying works for me, too. I know this may sound simplistic. After all, I'm 30 and still struggling. But, the first step is faith and hope! I'm choosing to get my life back, and am slowly making-it. Good luck, and let me know how it goes. P.S. Speaking of nick-names, my sister used to call me "dots" when we were younger.

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