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- How do you sum up your experience with the program and was it beneficial?
- Would you recommend it to others who suffer from excoriation disorder?

Past client, finished the program in July 2020

Michaela Chatzimanoli , my therapist that worked with me to overcome my skinpicking urges, by using the program Skinpick has developed, has truly made a difference in my life for the better. I would definitely recommend this program to others suffering from something like I did.

Past client, finished the program in June 2020

I would sum up my experience with the program as excellent and it was clearly beneficial. My skin has cleared up tremendously, and I don’t feel the stress of skin picking being a huge problem in my life going forward. I would recommend the program to others who feel they have a problem with skin picking. I learned the hard way and wasted a lot of years thinking that if my willpower was better, I would be able to improve by myself. You need tools and support, and this is a reasonably affordable way of improving your skin massively. The lessons and exercises are time efficient, and the feedback and instruction is prompt and useful.

Past client, finished the program in June 2020

I would say this experience was very beneficial. Before this program, I was trapped in a constant cycle of picking my skin every day and no matter what I tried to do I couldn't break out of it. Going 2 days without picking was once a huge accomplishment for me. My skin picking controlled every aspect of my life and lived in constant anxiety. Through this program, I was able to fully understand my skin picking and what I need to do in order to control it. I am to see the bigger picture and not get caught up in intrusive thoughts. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who needs help with this behavior!

Past client, finished the program in April 2020

It took me a while to complete the program but it was quite demanding in the best sense of the word. There was a lot to learn there. Many techniques to try. A ton of useful advice. It has helped more than my previous therapy. I had someone to hold me accountable and to hold my hand through the whole process. That was also the best thing about it. If you pick your skin, this program is for you. It will be quite the ride but it will be worth the effort and the time. My biggest obstacle was that I wanted to do it too fast but not really go beneath the surface. Going through SkinPick I learned to be patient and kinder to myself.

Past client, finished the program in April 2020

The absolute highlight of the program is communication with the therapist. It's a different kind of work and it takes some getting used to because all the communication is in writing. But it's very efficient and flexible and I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to go through it.
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