Client Reviews

When asking our clients for feedback, we ask these two questions:

  1. How do you sum up your experience with the program?
  2. Would you recommend it to others who suffer from excoriation disorder?

Here are the replies we get:

I would recommend this program to anyone that feels like they have literally tried everything. I went into this program not having high expectations, but figured it was at least worth a shot. I liked the idea of not having scheduled appointments and doing the sessions at my own pace. I find it can be extremely hard to find therapists that are aware Dermatillomania and let alone treat it. I know the majority of people that read this will want to know if I am “cured” after going through the program. It is very unlikely that someone with Dermatilomania can be cured completely. They just have to find ways to manage and understand their behaviors. This program does exactly that. The therapists really work with you to uncover things you may not have realized and give you suggestions on how to improve. I thought it would be hard to connect with someone you don’t see, but I found it to be the opposite. My therapist was always prompt to respond and challenge me in ways I needed. After completing the program, I am left with tools I need to manage my Dermatillomania. For that I am forever grateful.

Past client, finished the program in March 2017

1. I went into the program expecting to see moderate improvement—and have been amazed to find that I've actually experienced TREMENDOUS improvement! I'm no longer living my life on auto-pilot, but rather am conscious, intentional, and aware in a way that is truly freeing—and has helped me make peace with my skin in a way I never thought I could. 2. I would absolutely recommend this program. This is not a band-aid for the behavior; rather, this is an opportunity to look closely at yourself/your life and work hard to shape it in a way that brings you joy. It was obvious throughout the program that it is based on sound research and evidence-based techniques, so I felt confident throughout that it was worth my time, money, and effort.

Past client, finished the program in Feb 2017

This program has equipped me with several tools that I can use not only to decrease the amount of skin picking that I do, but also to become aware of and address the triggers that lead up to the skin picking. I love that this program focuses on changing the way you process your thoughts and instructs you on how to reframe them as well as focusing on the actual physical behavior. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who struggles with skin picking or similar behaviors. I have tried so many other things and I am happy to have finally found a program that helps now and will continue to help me for a long time to come.

Past client, finished the program in Feb 2017

this has been an interesting trajectory and i did enjoy the path. i like how you have it laid out to discuss the actual picking and then move from that to what's inside. that's cool. i think, as you program goes too, it is really about much more and that getting to the root cause is the ideal and the rest will follow. i'm lucky to have past experiences that show me that; that i have a real sense of, to look to and know i can do it. but i am glad that this program works this way too.

Past client, finished the program in Jan 2017

This program has really helped to reduce my picking and hair pulling behaviour. I am touching my face less often and can leave my hair alone for much longer. I wouldn't say it is completely gone, but it is much better. I could figure out what to do instead of playing with my hair, and if so, I am able to stop it and focusing on the more important things. I learned how to support myself in this. I would definitely recommend this program.

Past client, finished the program in Oct 2016

I have recommended this program to three estheticians. I hope that they will share it with people who compulsively pick. I think that many people suffer from this behavior privately and feel a great deal of shame about it. I want to tell them there is help available which is both accessible and affordable. Sharing this information with others has been helpful to me, reducing shame and cultivating willingness to openly acknowledge and address the behavior. I started this program because I was hurting. This program and the therapist brought healing, understanding, and compassion for my own suffering and that of others. There is a way to end the suffering caused by skin picking. I hope others will discover it and give themselves the gift of healing, self-forgiveness, and constructive action that can be found through this program. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Past client, finished the program in Sep 2016

My experience with the program has been very rewarding and beneficial. In particular, I appreciated the compassionate responses and helpful feedback from the therapist. Her feedback was timely and constructive, and her responses often helped me to see the harming behavior in a different light, which helped to interrupt habitual patterns of thinking and acting. The awareness of the habit was itself beneficial, as was the practical and useful advice for competing responses and stimulus control. This program is very specific and targeted to skin picking, and it did help in an observable way with that behavior. It also helped to see the link between my behavior and habits of mind, such as the desire for control or avoidance of uncomfortable feelings. This awareness provided benefits beyond simple habit change: Now I interpret the picking behavior as a signal of anxiety, avoidance, and the need for self-care. Reflecting on those triggers brings compassion and the possibility of a new response. I don't always choose the right response, and sometimes I still indulge in the behavior, but now I understand better that the behavior is a misguided attempt to meet a real need, and I know there is an alternative. One of the benefits of the online format is that it is available 24/7, so help is available when the urge to pick arises.

Past client, finished the program in Sep 2016

1) My experience was very beneficial. I am overjoyed to have found this website. It's been a challenge to find solutions and help for this disorder. I have felt very ashamed of the physical results of skin picking, feeling unattractive. Most people don't understand and think you can just stop. So finding a group of professionals that have expertise in this arena has been amazing for me. Getting to speak freely and anonymously has been liberating. The program from beginning to end is well designed and progresses quite naturally. I'm still a work in progress and but I have seen improvement and I have hope for the future. Lots of reflection and getting to the root of urges, lots of techniques to try. My therapist has been very helpful and patient with me. I enjoyed the way you communicate with your therapist. 2) I would strongly recommend this program for anyone dealing with this behavior!

Past client, finished the program in July 2016

I would recommend this program... it is really valuable as it helps us understand why we pick and the forum helps us interact with and support others with the same problem. I never understood why I picked before all these lessons. I also liked the worksheets and the detailed answers we had to give. I see a complete improvement in my skin-picking

Past client, finished the program in June 2016

very glad that I found this program. It certainly exceeded my expectations in completely unexpected ways. Overall, I found it to be very valuable, relateable and meaningful... It felt amazing to be understood - the sessions put words to what I had been feeling and wanting for a long time but not pursuing in a structured way.

Past client, finished the program in May 2016