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When asking our clients for feedback, we ask these two questions:

- How do you sum up your experience with the program and was it beneficial?
- Would you recommend it to others who suffer from excoriation disorder?

Past client, finished the program in December 2019

I would recommend this program to anyone who lives in a small town and who is hesitant to ask for help as I was. There was a lot of shame surrounding picking for me and finding an online program with actual professionals helping was a God send.

Past client, finished the program in November 2019

I found the Skin pick program has been very helpful at helping me with a skinpicking problem I had suffered from for many years.The weekly reports and awareness exercises as well as finding healthy substitutes for the problem were very beneficial. I would recommend this program for anyone who is suffering from this destructive habit and the rewards of being able to get it under control are marvelous.

Past client, finished the program in October 2019

I had problems with sticking to the program, maybe wasn’t focused enough. I regard myself not a severe case, but a complicated one. One thing that is definitely easier for me now is accepting my present picking behavior, also because the program offered me a new perspective: the focus on my values and goals instead of my problems and symptoms. Nevertheless I still hope that I will be able to integrate the strategies I learnt in the program better into my daily life. The most important thing for me, to my opinion, is being aware, distancing myself from certain recurring thoughts and accepting bad feelings as a part of my life. Recently I discovered – and I think the program also hints at it – the pleasure of being thankful, as a source of happiness I expect much from. Thanks to this program I don’t feel alone with my picking problem anymore. I recommend this program to everyone who wants to reduce or overcome their skin picking. It is rich, useful, has a good structure and the communication with the personal therapeutic assistant worked very well.

Past client, finished the program in October 2019

I would say that the latter part of the course was probably more helpful than the first part. Mainly because a lot of it was identification of urges and habit which i was already fairly aware of. However, i was not expecting the mindfulness aspect to be that relevant but have actually found it really useful as a tool and do it regularly. I would recommend it to someone else as it's a well designed course and useful to have someone like you reminding you to keep going when life gets busy and things slip through the net

Past client, finished the program in October 2019

I think the program was beneficial but I didn't practice enough by myself (this is all on me). I've learned a LOT about myself and about self-love and acceptance, and it made me realize that I have avoidance issues. I don't think I could have had all this introspection without the feedback of the therapist. It's great tools to take with me in the future and continue to work on my skin picking. It's already better and I don't have the expectation for it to go away completely anymore since I understand my behavior way better, I don't feel the need to control it. So yeah it helped quite a lot. I would recommend it to someone who's ready to really work on it and to experience the discomfort of facing your issues. I feel like this program is not made for everyone because you need a certain "emotional intelligence" to really understand the benefits of the exercises (this is only my opinion). It's not a magical solution either. But most people who are in distress because of skin picking are going to be willing to commit to the program I'm pretty sure, and the format is really convenient.
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