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amgoingtochange , 26 Jun 2012

4weeks to get a new face-anyone with me??

hi everyone i havent posted on this forum in a long time-still struggling with this habit and it is so annoying. gave up caffeine 2 days ago and am on a water only diet for the next four wks. i need to stop touching my face which is the hardest thing for me so i am going to post here to keep me motivated. i am not going to pick for four wks and see what my face looks like then i ust really hope my spots will be gone and the scars from picking wil have died down cos at the min i look like a monster without make up!!
8 Answers
June 26, 2012
i will do it with you !! (: (: (: are you not allowed to drink ANY caffeine? because green tea has a little but its so good for you and full of antioxidants and good healing things
June 26, 2012

In reply to by skreed29

Cool. No i just drink far too much tea and sugar in it and i hardly ever drink water so i am going to see if drinking more water helps my skin! green tea is prob great so keep with that but i dont like the taste of it. finding it hard to eliminate choc so i will try just tea for now and stop the picking. do you pick bad? it is mainly my face i am concerned with i can never leave a spot aline/or a blackhead or scab for that matter! but this is day 1:)
June 26, 2012

In reply to by amgoingtochange

We are with you!!! Skreed and I are also challenging ourselves not to pick! It's day 2 for me, and I am having a real struggle, but posting on here is and hearing from people who actually know what i am going through is a huge help. I am a facepicker too. Right now it is pretty bad all down around my mouth and chin...I can't leave anything alone!!! So, I know how you feel! Just remember how beautiful you will feel when you dont have any nasty marks on your face and try not to look in the only increases the urge! You can do this!!!!!
June 27, 2012

In reply to by amgoingtochange

i used to pick very very bad. about a year ago my face was literally 95% covered with wounds and scabs and blemishes. i have been doing some much better in the past few months though. ive almost gone a WEEK with no picking. usually i have a good 5 to 10 days, and then have a picking session. it used to be daily. but this time, its gonna be 4 weeks (: goodluck !
June 29, 2012
Hey, I'm 14 and I honestley thought I was the only one that picked at my scabs. I have been picking forever. I don't really remember my childhood but I was beat and raped once. When I was little I didn't have acne so I didn't pick at my face I would pick an scabed knees or elbows, when I started getting acne I started picking it I'm going into 9th grade and I have been picking my face since 7th grade. People are always making fun of me and telling me to order proactive. When people bully me I usually go to a bath room and cry. No one really understands its a habit/disorder. People are always calling me or texting me with rude comments. When someone says something about the sacs in my face it make me want to pick the worse. I am really pretty when my face doesn't have scabs all over it. I just want them to go away and I feel like if I pick them it's like picking it away. I have the tan and blonde hair and brown eyes I weigh 108 but my face is really bad. I hate when people talk about it it makes me feel ashamed. I never really thought of it as a disorder just a really nasty thing I do. When I don't have scabs I love the way I look. When I do have scabs I use so much make up its crazy. I just wanna cut I and be pretty like all the other girls. I just wanna be normal. I'm ashamed. Please HELP me:/
July 03, 2012
hi, you poor thing please seek help if you feel you cant stop or else you have to cover the mirrors in your house and cut your nails. get a lemon and squeeze juice into a jar. use this after you cleanse morning and night and your marks will begin to fade. leave your scabs. i have been doing grand the past wk. drinking water all the time and it really makes a difference. just squeezed a couple of whiteheads but cleansed straight away to stop spreading germs. and as well i have 'milia' on my face-little white lumps that when squeezed long stringy white goo comes out---sooooo satisfying but sooo bad for face so i trying to stop doing that. apparently going outside in sun for 10 mins a day helps these cos of vitamin d...instead of vitamin d supplements which i used to take instead. how you all doing????
March 13, 2013
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