Dermatillomania - Statistics

Trudi Griffin - LPC
Aug 4th, 2019

Much can be learned about Dermatillomania directly people who suffer from it. During the existence of this website, many visitors contribute their answers to polls and surveys, resulting in further insight into the prevalence of this disorder, instead of relying on clinical data. 

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The following chart shows the relation between the visitors to this website and skin picking disorder. Most visitors are affected directly, while some are looking for information because someone they know has this disorder. Only 3% are ex-sufferers.


Areas of body affected by picking

The following chart shows that the most affected body parts are face, scalp, arms, and legs.


For how long have you been picking?

The following data shows that most visitors have Dermatillomania for years. It also suggests the low success rate of treating this disorder.


Age distribution of dermatillomania sufferers

The following chart shows the age distribution of dermatillomania sufferers. The majority are between age 15 and 50. However, the small percentage of respondents over age 50 might indicate that fewer older adults use online resources (as compared to the younger generation.


Gender distribution of people with dermatillomania

Research indicates the majority of people affected by dermatillomania are women. Our data supports this fact.


Previous attempts to stop picking

Ending the compulsion to pick for good is not an easy task. The main reason being that effective methods of treating dermatillomania are not widely known and practiced by therapists which means most attempts to stop picking fail. However, the majority of people don't even try to stop, possibly due to lack of information and guidance.


Which treatment methods have you tried?

For those who do try to stop picking at some point in their lives, the choice of methods vary:


Dermatillomania causes

There are no clear answers from research about what causes compulsive skin picking. When visitors were asked this question, they shared their beliefs:


Disclosure rates

Dermatillomania sufferers are very private about their condition and rarely talk about it with others, due to embarrassment and the fear of rejection.

Trudi Griffin - LPC


Education, experience, and compassion for people informs Trudi's research and writing about mental health. She holds a Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Addictions and Mental Health from Marquette University, with Bachelor’s degrees in Communications and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Before committing to full-time research and writing, she practiced as a Licensed Professional Counselor providing therapy to people of all ages who struggled with addictions, mental health problems, and trauma recovery in community health settings and private practice.

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