Skin Picking in Children

Skin Picking in Children This is a question for the adults: Have you ever had difficulty finding the right words to convey a message? Got a little tongue-tied, maybe, or stuttered and stumbled your way through the conversation. Had one of those "a-ha!" moments later, when the perfect choice of words danced effortlessly through your head. Kids have those same difficulties. The littler the kid, the smaller the vocabulary, in most cases. The smaller the vocabulary, the fewer words with which to convey the message. It must be very frustrating.

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There is a large number of people, young and old, who internalize their thoughts and feelings about the events of their lives. These people have a particularly difficult time conveying messages. Internalizing the message means they are privately acting out the message in a way that is likely to be self-defeating. The message may refer to one, isolated event in a person's life that has left him or her feeling traumatized or it can represent the person's general outlook on life.

Evidence of excessive skin picking in children is one way children convey a message for which they can't find the words. It may be almost impossible to get the child to describe all the thoughts and feelings that are generating the desire to pick but the evidence alone is enough to signal to a parent that medical intervention is needed.

One of the first steps in treating skin picking in children is to eliminate the possibility of a physical cause for the picking. If there is a physical cause, that must be treated and the urge to pick will probably go away. When skin picking in children is of a psychological, rather than physical, nature, other treatment methods are necessary.

A medical professional trained to work with children and their psychological disorders can probably provide the best insight into the mental outlook of the child. It may become necessary to treat skin picking in children with oral or topical medications. If so, make sure all the drugs your child receives are formulated especially for children. Give the treatment some time as you watch for signs of improvement in your child. It's quite likely that you'll soon be witnessing your child blossom, never at a loss to describe the wonders of the life he or she is finally enjoying.


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