Cognitive therapy


Cognitive Therapy is psychotherapy, or talk therapy, based on the assumption that the way people think affects emotions. The interaction between therapist and client focuses on the identification of distorted or unrealistic ways of thinking in the present. There are multiple forms of cognitive therapy, but the goal is to address current problems, not analyze the past, and determine how current thinking patterns affect emotion and communication. Cognitive therapy is one component of the more widely used cognitive behavioral therapy The interaction between therapist and client is one of guidance where the therapist helps the client identify thought patterns through probing questions. Then, the treatment goal is to interrupt or change maladaptive thought patterns that contribute to skin picking behaviors. Cognitive therapy for skin picking may focus on the thoughts that lead to the behavior such as thoughts the lead a person to remove skin perceived as imperfect. Length of treatment time varies based on client needs, but cognitive therapy was designed to be a short-term therapy, usually taking three to six months. 

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