psychotherapist is a practitioner who uses interpersonal communication to help clients with emotional, mental, or behavioral problems of living and usually includes increasing an individual's sense of well-being and reducing discomforting experiences. Psychotherapists use a variety of techniques through dialog and communication to improve the mental health of a client or to improve group relationships (such as in a couple or family). Psychotherapy can address the emotional and behavioral aspects of skin picking disorder, ease stress and anxiety that result from the disorder, and help clients talk about problems.

The term “psychotherapist” does not indicate the practice license held by a provider. States or other governmental authorities grant licenses that give a provider the authority to treat clients for particular conditions, regulated under a scope of practice. Psychotherapist is a general term and may include psychiatrists, psychologists, professional counselors, clinical social workers, or psychiatric nurses. Therefore, before engaging the services of a psychotherapist, verify that the provider holds a verified license to practice. 

Most providers who use the term psychotherapist do so to describe what they do. However, most differ from psychiatrists in that they cannot treat or diagnose physical or medical aspects of illness nor can they prescribe medications. Only a medical doctor can perform these functions although some states allow psychologists to prescribe medication, but only with a special license.

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